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[VOL- XXX.] 


THE soliacrlhew. appointed to supenir- 
tinid a e>mtral Vaccine Tnonculahonol 
fteWiabiiw3ioflhbioTfo6y t. Sylva- 

bu, Fanner, have the M t tslactiOn to reporl 
|| ia iNi»ETKEnHoM)RBDhav6b«eniimi.c- 
,,l,,i.d, and that in our opinion ho has hmii 
Very Successful in his 1'rot.s- ill -H' es. 

JOHN HUNT, .'<■■ I ni n - 
New-Haven, J«ly *■ , .... 
■ Whilst vaccination goes on thus l|V, ' lv l m 
this State, and ths faihabitmi are shielded 
from one of die gvaa test tsalaml ties incident 
to our species, we are sorry k> see by the 
line bills Of mortality f*r the city ol New- 
York. t!«.it our Mlow citisens there, are -till 
falling victims to the Small Pos, whose 
Uvea might easily, and ought l" have been 
Bwed by kjne pock Itmculatlon ! !]_ 

Improve the Golden Op- 
portunity ! 

IN thesbi.rl space of eighly one days, 
Ihe rich wheels of WASHINGTON 
BRIDGE LOTTERY, No. 4, will he 
put id nxilioii, am! in which mII ela»su s 
,»/o or conditions, cUizera and ./omen- 
rrs, who may adveniiire will sianil an 
ratted ifcwK, (according to the uumher 
of tickets they may possess) or participa- 
ting m tht numerous wad ItandsDtne priBos 
n mi which the scheme abounds, viz. 
1 .., i 5000 Dollars' 
t0 of 1000 Uottaral 
:U5 of 100, 30, and 20 Dollars .' 
; 4700 of 10 ami 7 Dollars ! 

In this l/otlery there is only about j 
fly-- 1 13 Blanks to a Pri7.e, ^Fft and in j 
which it is barely possible that an adven- 
turer can he disappointed, in not drawing 
b prise, and the chance for tneat interest 
or gain must exceed any other specula- 
tton. In what pursuit can $5 produce 
£■5000 in a lew months hut (he Lottery ! 
With this five Dollar Bill I'll initimtiy drive 
Where planting produces .. thousand times 

Where Lottery Prists abound ' to do good,' 
Where Washington Bridge is— on Fou- 



f£7^ Present price of Tickets $5 each 



! (70 


Mill I -rtllHVI.Mi 

ON TUB rowiOWWO ro»T-noAns, 

Willi. Ill Tit CR11 I n vr TUB 



Until the Uftlny of October nttl, inclusive. 

h B IP i 


FROM New-York city by Har- 
|&etn, New Rochellc, Mamuro- 
neck, Rye, Greenwich, Stamford, Nor- 
walk, Sau&ilnrk, Fairfield, Bridgeport, 
Stratford and Milford io New-Haven every 
day, 70 miles. 

Leave New-York, every day at 7 t-« a 
m and arrive at New-Haven by H l- l ~ p m, 
in 1-1 hours. 

Leave New-Haven every day at 8 pi" 
and arrive at New-York the next day by 
a m, in 1 1 hours. To rest i hour at the post 
office in Stamford each way. 

SOI. From New- Haven by Brnnford, 
C-cklf.rJ h:ll'r^v;rtb, Sf.ybr:»::k, Ly;m, 
New-London,* Chelsea, Jcwetls City, Plain- 
field, Sterling and Seitiiale to Providence 
three times a week, 118 miles. 

Leave New-Haven every Sunday, Tues- 
day and Thursday at 9 p in and arrive at 
Providence on Tuesday, Thursday and Sat- 
urday at I«i rn. • 

Leave Providence every Monday, Wed- 
nesday and Friday at 8 a m and arrive at 
Nt w-Hiven (lie next days by fp m. 

404. From Norwalk by Wilton, Read- 
ing, Danlniry, Bronkfield, New-Milford, 
Washington, Litchfield, Harwiuton, Burling- 
ton and to Hartford once E 
week, 'ii milei). 

Leave Norwalk every Monday at a m, 
arrivi at Nefl Mllforfl by C p in arid arrive 
at Hartford on Tuesday by tipm. 

Leave Hartford every Thursday at 9 a m, 
arrive at Litchfield by j p m, at New Mil- 
ford on Friday by a in and at Norwalk by 
:i p m. 

-iliS. From Hartford by East Hartford, 
Ovfurd, Coventry, 
frct, Thompson, Douglas, U ".bridge, Men- 
tion, Milford, Belliiigham, Medway, Med- 
lield and Dedbain lu Beaton ouee afJcek, 
104 miles. 

Leave Hartford every Monday at 2 a m 
anil arrive al Huston by 10 p in. 

Leave Boston every Thursday at 2 a wi 
and arrive at llartlord by B p m. 

sioj. From Briducpoit by Trumhuil, Rip- 
toa, tiun.tingLon, Ntwiown, New Miiford, 
Kent, Sharon, Salislng'f , Bhcttield, Ms. Great 
liairoigloo, Slorkl>ri<l R .-, Lenox. Pilt-lield, 


'E the suhscrihers being appointed by 

Leave Idtchfleld every Friday at e « 
und Hli'ive at Sharon by 11 "in. 

L.a«e Sharon at l p m and arrive at "ITfrE the SuhaCriboW being nppointi 

Litchfield hy 6 p m. \ * V the Hon. Court of Probate fo 

J11 Frutn Miihlletownhy Challiam, He- district of Hartford, Commissioners to rv- 

hron and Columbia to Windham once a ceivc, examine and aajust tkficbumi oftbc 

wok St miles creditors In the estate of LLIUU hLM, 

Leave Middletown every Monday nt a late of Suffield, deceased, represented m- 

ih and aiTiW at Windham hv 6 D m. solvent— hereby give !e that we will at- 

Lenvn Windham every Tuesday at8am tend to the business ol our appointment ai 


ive at Middletown by 6 p "J- 
£. From Siiybrook by Petty 

Paii K , 
Chester, Haddam, Bret Saddam aitd Mid- 
dle Haddam to Middletown (nice a week' 
.ui miles. 

LeaviSayhrook every Saturday at 5 a 
and arrive at Middletown by & p 

Leave Middletown every Friday at 1 er m , will lie debarred S 

the dwellinc-hoUNe of Jonathan K. Kent in 
■.aid SnUieli!, on the Brat Monday in Octo- 
ber, at.d on tile third Monday in December 
next, at 2 o'clock, P. M, on «>ach of said 
d.iys--*i\ months from this dale being al- 
lowed by *;ud Court for the creditors to ex- 
hibit their ('[.dins, properly attested, »r they 

fX/" AppKcaf ion by mod, in person, or j Lauesboro', New Aolilord, Adams, W 

by proxy, promptly attended to 

July 26 _ ___ r." 

— [ octor J. PL1SS, 

INFORMS his friends and the public 
that he has lately remo> etl to Hart- 
ford for the practice of Physic and Surg* 
ry and has taken the House formerly 
occupied by the late Dr. Lemuel Hop- 
kins, a Tew doors south of the Church, in 
MBin-street He keeps constantly on 
hand for his owu practice, an assortmetll 
ol" choice MEDICINES, selected and 
prepared hy hiimtir. Dr. Bliss has ac- 
commodations for medicel students, and 
Battels himself that his advantages for in- 
struction "in his profession, are not inferi- 
or to those nsuully enjoyed under a pri- 
vate instructor. July 25. cu 
"Mill be sold at AUCTION, 

rt N Wednesday the Hh of August next, at 
( ) 3 e'clnck P. M. on Iho premiies, the 
Dwelling- Home on Main-Street, lately oc- 
cupied by Mr. George Pratt, deceased, 
with Stone, Brick, and every thing apper- 
taining thereto, to be immediately removed 
from Hie ground where it now stands. The 
Hm3e is strong, new, ind substantial, as 
will be seen by thoae »1jo are desirous of 
accemmndojing lkeuiselv»s in the cheapo; t 
maimer with a good ami coim-meol ihvel- 
R ngl _fc _«THOMAS LLOYD, 

THF, puuik are lien by informed Unit the 
r,,.n..'-ii. i-liip heretofore exislina be- 
tween Hcsckiali H Palmer and Daniel 
Marsha"!,'!*, by mutual consent, tbi* day is- 
solved. * liEZ'K- H. PALMER, 

gimihory, Iiilyioih, ltll4. 

The busiuvas a., usual in cwry branch i_ foan d at 
will hereafter be carried on hy HAMKL . drt , , ,, ( , m 
MARSHALL, wi I lr punctuality and cxpe- ■ 
dition, «ho takea 'Ins opportuortv to return 
bi^ tnajiki to l.i= ciistouieiu for their favors 
the last season, and hopes the general snUs- 

liiitiL.ii whinli lie li-i'..- luioself has been 
given, » ill excite their continuation. 

N. V. The subscriber oilers liberal en- 
coungemeiil for the services nfn smart and 
exporit nci d workman at th.) Olotli Diessing 
Ini-iii. Bs»— Jfeighbouri ik Chitldera who 
havehot » constant supply of water, ran eloth fulled at (bis mill (d any season 
oi ih* year, on short notice. 

J DANIEL MARSHALL. i - and Pnwnal, Vt to Bennington 

Oicc, a week, Bfl rr.^les. 

Leave Bridgeport every Tuesday at a 
m and arrive at New Milnii'd by ti pm. 

Leave New Milford every Wednesday at 
B a in und arrive at Bennington on Thursday 
by 10 am. 

Leave Uennington every Thursday at 2 
n wand arriv '; al New Milfcrd or.l'iday liy 

Leave Ne* Milford on Saturday, at C 
(i in and arrive at Bridgeport by (1 p m. 

20.. 1'roui New Haven by Derby,»Ox- 
ford, Southbury, Woodbury and Bethlehem 
to Liteldield once a week, 48 miles. 

Leave New Hiven every Monday at C 
a m and arrive at Litchfield hy G ji m. 

Leave Lilchlield every Tuesday at B a m 
and arrive at New Haven by Upm. 
F$£0G, From New Haven by IVopdbridge, 
Walerbuiy, Walertown, Litcbfn-ltl and Go- 
shen to Canaan once a week, M miles. 

Leave New Ha* en every Wednesday at 
6 a m and arrive at Canaan by p m. 

-Leave Canaan every Thursday at ti a m 

and arrive at Snvbro.ik by 1 />-">- I 

213. From Marllord by Wiulnnhury, Can- | 
ton, New Hartford, Winchester, Norfolk, 
t'aoaan, Shcllield, Ms. EgrerAdht Hillsdale 
ami Claverftck. N. V. to HuiLun, N. Y.once ; 
a week) To milca. 

Leave Hartford every Wednesday at fi 
a m, arrive al Canaan by C/ira and at Hud- 
sun on Thursday by C p m. 

Leave Hudson every WedoOsday at 6 a 
m and arrive at Hartford on Thursday by 


tU. From Hartford hy Olastenhury, 
Marlboro', Colchester und Mohjville to New 
Loudon twice a week, 4H miles. 

Leave Hai-tford every Wednesday and 
Saturday at 7 n m, and arrive at New-Lon- 
don by 5 pm. 

Leave New Loudon every Tuesday and 
Friday at ti a m and arrive at Hartford by ti 
p m. 

115. From Hartford hy East Hartford, 
Oxford, Hebron, Le!>anou and Norwich Ui 
Chelsea once a week? 40 miles. 

Leave Hartford every Thursday at Ga m 
and arrive at t 'belaea by C p m. 

Leave Chelsea every Wednesday at 6 a 
hi and arrive at Hartford by So m, 

ilB. From Norwich hy Canterhiiry and 
Brooklyn to Pomfret once a week, 27 

Leave Norwich every Thursday at 5 p 
m and .inive at Pomfret on Friday by i p IB. 
Leave Pomfret every Thursday at 9 a m 
and arrive at Norwich by 4p m. 

Z\7. From Hartford by West Hartford, 
Farniinglon, Bristol, Plymouth, Watcrtown, 
Woodbury and Soullibury to Newtown once 
a week, 47 mile:'. 

Leave Hartford every Wednesday at 7« 
in and arrive at Newtown on Thursday by 

Leave Newinn evelr Monday no*n and 
arrive at Hartford on Tuesday by bp m. 

418. From Canton by New Hartford, 
Torriugfonl and Torrington to Goshen once 
a week. 

Leave Canton i*very Thursday al 5 a m 
;iud arrive at Goshen by 11 n m. 

Leave Goshen at ipm and arrive at Can- 
ton by 7 p m. 

210. Prom Hartford by Coventry, Wind- 
ham and Canterbury to Plainlleld once a 
week, 41 mflem 

Leave Hartford every Wednesday at 
a m, arrive ut Windham by 1 p. nt. and 
arrive at Plaintield by (i p m. 

LeuVe Plainli.ld every Thursday at 6 a 
in and arrive at Hartford by 6 pin. 

til). From Hartford by Fast Hartford, 
Warehouse Point, East Windsor, Enfield, 
Long Meadow, Springfield, Ms. and South 
Hadley to Northampton, Ms. once a week, 
1 1 mi lei. 

Miirl'u\ Sheldon, 
Homer King, 
8uiheld,.1uly 111, IBli. 

Com rs. 

Machine and Hand CARDS. 

1THu.sni.vci lot (• *OUl.i iniufiu Ihsir fiieniL 
and the pnMie, that they Mannfaclnre 
alt Binds of MACHINE ami Hand CARDS 
—they «r# d«tciffliocd lo woiK none bat tli* 
hc5t ol Stock and rawing ihnit worli don* h> 
'■■■-.,- ;i. mi • ■ norkmaii, feel n toofidencs in 

....... mm. r ■ th«m to tbc public . Pernonj 

wishing to pnnti'i-e the above arlir.le* may 
he «voli*d on EBOTt notice, und all nrdntf 
AiTnettd to lh»n wilt b« faithfolly nttttntetl to 
—They h".ve no* on hand a .paantily o' 
No. 7, 8 an.l 10, Cotton Cards, of * pooii 
qnalily, which -ill h« sold on tea"onabl» 

Gronby, (Conn.) Feb. 86. 1«B 

N. TI. Car.lini; Marliints may he had in 
lie-, on »hnrt notice, 


ALLpersonseoncernedare hereby nnti- 
heddiatllie Hon. Court ol truWW 
lortlHidisUictolHarilord, haih appointed 
Die msiitioisdaj of October ue.\t, ai -: o 
clock atlerooon, at ihe Probate ollice in said 
Hartford, lor having the Petiliou of bamuel 
Clark, Parent and (jurtiuian id Lov una t lartc 
CyDlhia Clark, Caroline Clark, George 
Clark, Chuilci Clark, and Elizabeth i aa.h, 

inioeia.iirayii.g loi Ill/lily to bCll a CCfUUU 
pieces oi landlyinj; in saio Haitford, eoai.uo- 
ing two acr« (.called Hie Koci.y mil Luljue- 
ing the property of aaiaiuiiier»,glveu uiein 
by ttieir grand father, Mr. tjaJUUCl Clink, 
lateoi nil i tai-ttoril, dec. 

SaMuLL CLARK, Parent 
and Uuardjau to aaid Mpioi's, 
HarLford,July lu, »« 

TO lie. KfciNTLD, 

A convenient Teneoieutin anew Brick 
UOUbE, pleasantly situated on the 

j caSX side 0iTlUinliull3li'eet,aletv lud.-^oolli 

of city-hull.— Also a in:* Brick Stole, situ- 
ate i.:: SUte Stree: .iear water Strsst. -■- 
Buireof jopLCH LJfNDE. 

riarUord,Jnly 12. <>7 

Concerning the pay of officers, seamen 
.v maim- ■.- in In* lutvy ol ihu C. Sibles. 
Ue U iiiucitd by (ne Senme and tiowre 

of Rtjtnsentuliixa oj Me Unu d ^ » 

it}' America, tn Coilgrtui iuv i.tbtw, tout 
Ihe pay aud suhsi^ttuce oi Uic respective 
GOiuiiuOued aud warrant uifi^era h« 
as lohuwb ; A lieutenant u'.'jmc than a 
master coiiunaiidaiit. or Usut. comuiau- 
ding a small vessel, lony dolou* per 
Diouib, and liiree ruhuus per oay ; a 
chaplain forty dollars per muulh auti tivo 
rations per day ; a S&rtiug maoter lony 
dmlare per momb and two rations 
per pay ; a surgeuu hity dollar* 
per month, ami two rations pel d..» ; a 
burgeon's mule thirty dohar* pel i..uuUi 
und two ration* per day ; a purser lolly 
dollars per month, and two rations per 
da_, ; a boaiswuio twenty dollarii per 
moiiUi, and Ewo mtions per day ; a gua- 
uer twenty dollars per mouth, and Iwo rat 
lions per day j a sailuiaker, Itveuty dol- 
lars per tuoulh, and two rations per day ; 
and titat Uic pay lo be allow ed to file pet- 
ly oluxers ami um! ship men, and Lite pay 
and bounty upon enlistment o] the sea- 
men, ordinary seamen and inariues, thai) 
be tixetl by the President ol the liuili .1 
-i btales ; i'lWhict, 'i'lial the nhole bum to 
Have net !i:-<! a general aasorUnetU o/j b, given for lt)« vvliole pay aforesaid, and 
Goo* i;i their line uf business— tunon* , fiir l|l( , ^^ r)1 oi vj, t , rSj ttUtl ,| lttl lJlt „ uu j 


THE auhscribcrs keep constantly for 
sale, American Gim-Foivder, manu- 
factured for them, from the best materi- 
als, and warranted first quality. 

T. K. BRACE &Co. 
Hartford, Jon. Ifi— 37tf— 


hick a*r, 
LATED and Biittania Tea Pots ; Sugar 

PL AIL I) ant 
Dishes and Creamers ; Silver 
nnd Briltannia loWe and tea Spoons 



and Forks, Carvers, Raxors, Peuknivos, 
Shears, and Scissors ; JajipWdTea Traya ; 
Plated and JanpanU Caitulesficks, Snuffers 
BudTrajs, Drossing Cases, cj-c, 



Silver gilt ai*d plated "words 

Leave Hartford every Thuraday at 8 o m ^ gj| ver p ale d [Rid gilt Epau'ett* J 

l^it^KZyttZ^, Silk .^'wonted Sashes ; word 

and arrive at New Haven by p 

207. From Lilchlield by Cornwall, Sha- 
ron and Amenin In Poughkeepsie, .N. Y. 

u * ;-a week, 50 miles. 

Leave Ltiehfield e*ery Friday at a a iii 

and arrive al Pouphkeeusie oo Saturday by 

10 ii in. 
Leave PoughkeBpaie every Baturfluy at 

2p mandarrive at Lilchlield on dmiduy by 

6 p III. 

ion. From New H. ven hy ChesbTue and 
Soutbine^tun to Pawnington ouce a wi ek, SO 

Leave New Haven every Wednesday 
at to n m and arrive at F.oniin^ton by J 

Leave Fnrmington every Tuesdav at l 
al New Haven on Wediies- 

.09. From New Raven by Northfovd, 
Durluun, Middlotowu, Middletown Upper 
Houses, Hoe 1,1, HU1, Wetuersfiuld, Hartfurd, 
Windsor, Bumeld, Spritigfleld, Witbrahrmi, 

Palmer, Western Hi kfleld, Spencer, 

Laicesuir, WorcesUT, ShreWBlniry, North- 
bury, Marlboro 1 , Bail and West Sudbury, 
Weston, Waierh.iv ii am l Cambridge to Bos- 
ton three limes a wee'i, 109. miles. 

Leave New Haven every Monday, Wed- 
nesday and Friday nt 5 a m and arrive at 
Springfield by n p m. 

t,t- a i, : 1 1 iji/j 


Wlt.i ncciva propoielifoi Infaranca a- 
pdntUonen^ dsiiajpJhy F'i«, ..i ih*u 
cflir«in ;l e City ol ll-.*]«r.l, ta^h .lay m lh» 

". vfk Siinib-.).. UCCpt«4. 

^li Joan / (^flurrs'lt i- ■ aiveyor for il.».i-nrr 

fl.,,11 a.l W ir.TM MiT'iHai.t.^W i 


at 4 a >h and arrive at Hartford by G p "i 

i. The Post-master General may expe- 
dite the mails and alter the limes for ar- 
rival and departure al any lime d.uing 
the continuance of the contract, he pre- 
viously stipulating an adequate compensa- 
tion for any extra expense that may be 
occasioned therehy, 

2. Fifteen minutes shall he allowed for 
opening and closing the mail, at all offices' 
when no particular time is specifle.d. 

a. For every thirty miiiutas delay (una- 
voidable accidents excepted) in arriving 
after the times proscribed in any coulraet 
the contractor mull forfeit ono dollar; and 
if the delay continue until < i "- departure 
of any depending mail, whureby the inalli 
destined For »uch depending mail lose a 
trip, a forfeiture of double the amount at- 
lowed for earryingthe mail one trip shall 
b.- incurredi unless it elndl be made io 
appear thai the delay wj*< occasioned by 
unavoidable accidentj in which ease the 
inn-out nf pay lor ihe trip, will, io «U ea- 
ses, be formed ami retained. 

h persnus making nropoaala aro dssir- 

ed tO slate Ibeir |.rie.-s tiy Ihe year. Tho.-e 

who contract will receive their pay u 
rerly— in ihe mouths "f Febrniry 
August and Novomh 
(lie expiration of each quarter. 

'.,. No other than n Tree white person 
sluill be employed to convey the mail. 

ti. Where theproposer intends to con- 
Maj , 
on.- month ait 

Notts ; lied, white and black 
Plumes ; silver vellutn t ace, 
Prussian Binding; l-old, silver, 
plated and wor.'teJ ( ord ; ' niji- 
inst Wires and rushes, &c. 

NBA small assortment of Oold and 
fllvsjr Watches, and Watch Trimmings.— 
Watches repaired, and warranted as usual. 

Hartford, ni;un-'st. Weal side iuto-Houae, 

Leave Sin ■lui.'riVId evel v Ttlesilay, Tlllirs- 

S» .,,. May a. >a<n and Live ^^Vr'V^d ta&^hlS H 
Northboro by apm. ; " .'. 

Leave Northhoro* every Wed.u.sday, I '™' Th „ .,,.,. Oe.ierul reserves to 

F"dayi Monday.stuumand arrive at ^^£gffS "^ Lny control 

Boston by Ipm, ^ , v|)1 ,,, 1 , 1 . m „. r,,!!,,,, happens, 

;£, ''"' , "" F - ■ which amounts to Hi- lo* sf » trip- 

Leave Boiioo every Tuesday, Tlmnday K . Ttie contracts for 
aad Saturday at 1 p 

Cash for Rags. 

TIM I. 'I.t" [ilfcs ""' -'-b, pi" I 'or rl". 
Cotton ^.-i' I insn R >j i in largs "» •" ■■ 
■ »re#U, wM ?»•! ClOthot «-.««. 

JOHN nn'.'1-W 
eitftfat.1 J*».*T- *l* 

and arrive al North 
boro' hy U p 

Leave Ni.rtliboro' every Wedne (day, 

Friday and M lay at 4 a m and arrive at 

Spri . -ii.lil bj " p in. 

Leave Springfield every Thursday, Satur- 
day and Tuesday at 4 u m ami arrivff at 
;,l n It, .11 ii by B /' in. 

iiu. Faora Litchdcld by Warren 
Bjf&ll Bridge and Blsworth m Rluuan onee a 
wenk, td i 

i No, i 

to 308 axe lo he in opemllon on ihe 1st 

d coulinne until 

il.iv ..fjaouary next, oi 

December 31, 1817. The eonlracts tor 

Ihe roues No. S09 lo.-irllare to be in Op- 

ursjJ the lsl day ofNiwenibor nc t 

und an to continue until ihe 3lsl day ol 

UuCftW 'uivrCRNJ. MF.fiS,J, 

/'ojtl-m<wtrr firnrro-'. 
QfttTRKll PosT-uFMOn, 

W.vhijigton cay»V«y*u,W* 

Dollars BOUNTY, 

FtlTY paid on Enlistnum, Fifty as soon 
ab ma-or. .1 t.. r ssivioi, rwsntyfoiir wftri| 
honorahly 6isduuwA.«d »WK 
MNfci'V IX DollaEoOri ywr, stalwn pan' 
ui tie end of every two Slonihi, 

1 Coat, 

1 Vest, 

4. Pair Pantaloons, 

H Shirts, 

4 Pair Stooldhgs, 

ft Pah- rflioos, 

t OHpand Slock, and Illa:iket, 
WILL he given yearly to every mbual 
rtimitittmrnidnnti « * ■—- <•< ^-\ """ * l 
.nrolt IdmMlfin the £3lh H «»ha I"f»>'ir>'. <■■• 
.tarinn thr pt.wut m., 01 five year,, an 
ronnB O.nttimao «lm whMl 10 d»tfinKO »b 

hi asFiflnUi* bonoKUds *"» 11 ' ' ->•""'"> 

rt livengsilss'ronipi.eanbavc in opimrtnniiy 
h v calliiB ou the c„h,c.ib«. nuit the t'" 1 ' 
ririne«rnfSirlforJClcn *....* a B«uJss?o«i 

»«»»"r« TOIINO HVNN.WLi.ol. 

•■ilhlf S lefunl'V 

n.Hf.r^.rrh « inn 



of houuliea Upon eulisliutml of 
aod marines, shall uji exceed fur any 
year (he amount which maj ,m such year 
be appropriated lor those purposes res- 

Sec. 2. Ami bt UfuAhti- enacts, That 
the President bi , and be ,s hereby auili.T- 
ised to make an addition, not eaceeiliilg 
twenty five per cent, tu Ihe pay oi the 
officers, pel'y officers, midshipmen, sea- 
men ami marines, engaged many service 
: the hardships ur disad ahtageu of which 
! sluill iu his jodgmuai rend«r such an ud- 
I dition necessary. 

Spwkcr of the House of Repnstnlativ&s. 

l",re }'rr.\i>>< nl oftli, L 1 . Shdtt ami F-i.- - 

iilful of the Stiiat . 
April IB, 1«14,— Approved, 



For Ihe relief nf John Whiluey and Jo- 
seph H. Dorr. 
BE it madid by tUe X: i\ate nnd House 
of Representatives if the Unileti St ><■ ■■ of 
Ainetim in Congress asstmhleH, That lbs 
Secretary of the Treasury of Ihe United 
Stales be and hereby is authorized and 
empowerud, upon the [lelilion of J. .ho 
Whitney and Joseph H. Doit, the nire- 
ties of the uwuers of Ihe schooner [nilna 
try, to remit the penally which the wiid 
owners incurred hy the illegal unlading of 
sixty-nine boxes and eight half boxes 1 f 
segare, and nineteen hunibed nnd eight] 
six pounds of coffee from said si ho 
nt Ihe port of Edgartun, in the distrii I of 
Massachusetts, in the year of our Lout 
eighteen hundred and nine, io the 
way and maimer as he is now hy Ian . m 
powered In reiiul 'he same Upon |he p' UV 
iioii uf the aaid owners : andthB wlfLSe*- 
retary is also aufliftrifcrl to pay .l™thu 

said M tiltaey nod Dorr ou my rima- 

iea in tile ireasury not nlherwN !»ppn pri 
.■ie,i. ..-.,. »um Ikat may be hj him so re- 
mitted ; /'iu. 1 ■■■' I"" ■■'■ • ■ - ThH ■ ■ iati 
n.. t be consiiur d to .iucii'ri/e i ■•<■ " mis- 
sionof any RreRfer portion »l "id .-■;■' 
ty UiHO has accrued to the Use of 
Ihu Uoiteil plates: And r - ' 

That Hit Fatu yecrelary ihall be ol 
ion 'i"t Ihe said penal ; ou ■ I 

Snexber ol tile House ofRrprese its* ■ ■ 
.li)!I\ GAU 1 ■ ". 
" ,e-ideni"fihe Sontrte cr.. 
April 18, ISl*— Appwwl. 



Accompanying, Po&ts&'g tetter. 
Extract of .1 lelJer fmn Com, ttiUyttr to mt. 

I may prove uthnaetery lo y*ut government 
rod self. Iaui your-, J, v. 

(Signed] JAMES mi.LVAH. 

Coptotn /i. Purler, 

■ Ii .■';■■> U, Ml* 
Sir — Tlie arrangement officii you have 

■ jfyatzrSir — neither in IB) converse- {suggested respecting the exc] gc of ihc 

"■' '" l"i ■ ■» i paoying h tter, havelj seamen or the Sir Audre* llemn <i reran 

'"'■" i ''' y "■' sword. A cribc m, re- euual number of seamen oftbc late U. S. 

mwsiii ninth) first ii -i ic 1.. ['..:; . trulncsS: fagote Essex, aathey auind en the list fur- 

IcoiA'.^ritonly in ray servant's oossession nisTied yon, is parR'cllj satlsl ctory. It 
with my own, onld the master lift) pleine wUI be a great satisfaction to the three ofli- 
(<> i ill for il j and although 1 omitted, a( ihe cere who »ccompany tit* Esbi v, to know 

molOJ 'I ■>! ^-r. -.■.u'.-lioo, fr.uii .!■! in i. .-I h< 

i.i ■ nui'lj i i. .i ■ I in attending tu prufus- 
Idii tn offer its restoration, i in- linhd 

■■'I v ni h in, ■ ' gladly extended, 

lhat tifter your object in Inking them with 
you sliall be elfectisd, then v.,li i„. no diffi- 
culty in their proceeding immediately for 
tin' United States, I take tlii< liberty thcre- 

:, , ■ ■ H ., |. .Messin . uf hiiii ivh.i n..,.- it *, fore to suggest thai the] m shl bi exchang- 
ed here for t. apt. IVm. Porter and his three 
mates. This will be aa accommodation to 
all pnnies and reconcile ihc officers so ex- 
changed lo a separation front Iheirfriends. 
1 have the bonoi tu bo, Ete. 


Commodore Jtontm ffiQ man ling II. 

,M.ffignte Phabti ' 
[ibre/altoaa n titt of the'yriioHtrs libera 
'■ '. ■ a parole, amounting tj [38,] 

ii il in if. fending bis country 

■■ Believe mii dear Sir, very faithfully 


C , ' >' ■ 

[ i , / „'■ i a list of tfo ktUtd, ■founded 
and mist ing | 
Iftursotfie-convei-rotion en the ailejcctthc 
r |l«nving correspond* ncje took place. 

VaipattfUo, April Mi, 1314. 

Si n — Taking uto consjdwanoii Hie im- 

cv ■ im-i ,.n. i- (re are rrom our re pnetive 

ceitntrh a, t!ie uncertainty of (lie future 

>veraenr* .it" H- '■]."■■ ■t\'« shins under 

mi command which precludes the possi- 

h li^, uf in, maki-ga pe nuaQUtarrao ni mt 

(In ii- Li,|,iirin,. ibe ■'Hicfi-. and cre> late of 

i Europe, and the fast hpj""oach- 

ing •• i-p.ii w hi eli renders ;i |»assng« round 

• ip IJiirn ia some degr lun^i't-ous : I 

h rcthohonoi to propose fer jour nMimbu- 

tinn th'' following artick-s, which I hope 

■ i rnmi ut of the Dniied 8!jt.'9, as 

der accordingly. Major Woofl of Q,e ea- 

etiK i iv and my.iiil iMpt. Atwlin, mile lo the 
t>;in!i nl Ui i r.'.'. towhrdelhe ii^ht of their 
liin-iif w„ „ - : ., ,,i , \-. ,,,'.„•-•] [hem. I was 
induced b) then r» port, the lateness of the 
tiinii, And Ute kd*ioi of general Scott and 
major Wood, tourdL-r the forces to retire to 

Mj most ilifi.-ult duty, rewaiiis to be per- 
furmed t umjdoprcssvd with tJir fiar uf 
not In in- able in iln justice to my brave 
eoxnpantona in nuns and apprehuiisfv-e, that 
Bcrrewlie fc[>d an oppoKiinity . f.tLi.i juish- 
ing thenjselvee, untl proinjnly embrocodit, 
wit] escape my notice. 

Bi ig. gen. Scott hi on tilled t*> (lie liigtu at 
praises ow country oui bestow — to him 
mare than any other in. in am I indebted 
fur the victory of Iht 5tB July. His hriKadf 
DM'CorereglitaiilfwUhglory Every uffi- 
cernndvrarviaanoftheOlfa and stsd, nih 
and - ith rcgmrtnisrfVd hit duly* with a zeal 
anil energy, worthy *Tthe American char- 
acter. Wheu every officer stands so pre- 
cminnntry high in the puth of duty and hon- 
or it isinrpossthl* fodticrimlnatfe, but I cui- 
notdppriw^iiyselfnfthe pleasure of s.tying 
that Major LV.ivi n».iiili tfommnrided tlte 
sth .Hid attf, mujorJessujithe 25th, andina- 
jor M'Neil the IMh. Colonel Campbell 
was wounded early in tin; action, gallantly 
loadingon his regiinwit. 

The tansily ofgeheral Scott were conspic- 
uous in the field ; lirutcrtant Smith of the 
6lh inffmlry, iimj. ofhrigtlde, and lieutenants 
VTorlli ann Wat ■ iii ; aids. 

From general Ripley" mights brigade, I re- 
ceived evi ry aBsishniee that I enve them on 
opporfiinttyofreiidcring. laid not order 
any part of the reserve into action, until 
general Porter's command Imd given way, 
andtlj"n ".' Scotfti movements were 
50 npid and 

well as QiatofGcoat-Britaio will deem i - | 

fiietory ; aiid to request Utni should you 

. oncc'rr'4 them so, j vill i ivor me with 

th oeooi rj bond fortheir fuldlment 

lat. 1 ' nio to bi lb prii ml o( ill 

•■■ i .ir.naii.i oi and perfeelry neuu: lieed ; tn 

be equipped fui the voynjre nli ly audwliol- 

lie ejtpciicc of the \inericmj govfirn- 

m :■.'!' ; lid In [i-inii'il ivittt .. |irnj.i r Aiol'i ■ 

iean officer and cm w (»f ivlneu I wiah to be 
funaihed ivith a list, for (he parpoar pf 
(ttving the oeeeasary passport) to any port of 
th* I nltc' Btnlw of America dial you m'ai 
deem timet piupi r. 

:.;, foareelf, the pHicers, petty olfieiira, 
• imi n. ni iriues, fcc. cout]>oihij yum 
ciew, to in: exchanged i>nmcdi iteiy on 
tlii'tr arri> 'I in Amenca, Iht nn en,uhl aum- 
t, r ..i British prisoners of similar finite, — 
M urn] oflh era to be i rn lder«d on 
their parole of honor until yuUrand ihtir 
cschangd shall he eftecicd. 

!i. c«ie of the foregoing articli 1 ] hi ing ;i"- 
reptcd 'lie Easel Junior will (.,■ e\perte(l 
tu prepare immediately for the vp*nge. and 
tn praceed on Ithffor.- the expiratron nfthe 
i>ni. nt j Should anyotthi'Mounded 
at that pfriitd he found inrap ibht-ufpamni nl. 
from not behig Huincienlly advanced in tltcir 

reeoviTf. Uu' muM tiumano att*i hall 

b. p.iiu ilj..'m j am! liny shall be fni-wardi il 
b ■ ■ r j ■ by tin.' Brat Favorable conveyance that 
Dviv olii-r. 1 have the honor to be '.<■■ 

(Signed) JVMKS IHI.I.r \R. 

(Jii^t. Dtani P-rkr,hir oornmnndtf of Iht l\ 
&■ frigate Esst*. Valpa ■ 

Vnlpareito, j/'. JJpril, 1814. 
Sia — 1 have the honor to acktitrwledge 
the receipt ufyoui icveral l.'i.i- m vester- 
daVa dull'. 

The conditions offered by you for our re- 
turn t.. t'i- D lived Stdii j are pi rfcctly »aV 

iir'aelnry to ni" ■! 1 entertain 10 doubts 

nf their belns equally so to my rotinliy, I 



Copy of a letter from major general Brown 
to the Sacrotary of war, dated 
Htad-Qflartert, (Chip^aei Plai»s,) 
July Hit, 1814. 
Dear ar— On the J.l msL I issued my nr- 
Si foi crossi gtheJJiafiarorirer.anflmade 
Hi" arnmgemcjiu deemed lieeiRHnry f"i ae- 

ciiribg the ajirria 'Fort EriA On the 

Sihthat^ost ■nm.'nih'i.'.l at 5 P.M. Our 
In.- in llns " Taiv was I ofthe 20lh rcgmttlit 

undvr raajoi Jessnp, nf brhnidior g -al so rapid and decisive, thai genera] Ripley 

Scott's brigade, wounded. I have enclosed | could not gel upin time with the 2ist, to 
an nun ofllic prisoners, of the onlnancc, ,h '' position nsmrucled Thi* norps of m- 
tnifl ordnance ator^a captured. , tiii t_v under major Rlndman, were not gen- J 

To »ccure my rtsur, I bare placed h gnrrt eraflyjii nctioo— Ulia was not (heir fault— | 

' Ibis fort, andmjueated Cnpt; Koune- captain Towron'a company the only'. *-"- , '" v " 11 

dy to at itinn Im vewfds nee rlhe post, . one lhat ha. 1 i.foll npporlunitT ofdistuiguiali- "' , „ Ifiy, 

t lhenior?riogo£titeilh,hrigadrer gtn- ingitseir,ani*it is believed, {hat nn corona- 
' ™ * '"■■ l| ■■ 'I a inriis of ny ever embr.tred an opportunity with 

ariiiii rj. v.. l5 ordered to Rdvanee towards woreicaloifnioro success. 

iwa and hi- govi mod by circomstan- I A ilelaehment from the id brigade under 

■ '■ lakingcare mre | Mod military ""' f,f> mniand of In-ul-nnnt M'Donald, pen- 

etiatnd the winds with the fntlian-i find vol- 
unleers.a:Klfni- then* stijjpnrf. The con- 
duct ofliflut M'Dnnald and hi» command 
refleetshjgh honour up,.n the brigade to 
winch thry belonp. 

Thu condmt nfjruneral Porter has been 
conspicuously «dlanb Everv assistance in 
Ins pow er in afford, with the descrip'ion of Brown, 
forte tinder his command. h»* heeu render- j 8th or King's regt. l Major, 
ed. We could nut rvpect him to contend I Koytl Artitlerv, I lieuLl corporal, 1 hnm 
with toe British column of rctulurs which l 

WpTivates— elightly.Ssergeanh tn prlvali s. 

Both Infantry— hilled, i sergaar:, t uri- 
vHtes — wounded severely, l captain, ■> tub- 
.ill. mi. 'j wrgoant", ^ corporals, .*.' nti\ nli a 
— slightly, tiDrgconta, fi corporals, i uiuai- 
chm, t'J privates, 

• ii i.i.\. ttii-LFi'- rnio me. 

iivi regiment none— J Oth inumtry attach- 
ed— killed, .i priw tea— severely tvoundud, 

•J priviiti-i— no. -an-. 1. 

23d lufuiitry— avterely wounded, I jiri- 

"F nn o nv» y it Hi.nin'.riniHiMi 

FentonVw gimeilt of PnnoBvlvania Mili- 
tia—killed, .1 privates— severely w.-undid 
l private— slight ly, t private — missing, .; 
ntli.-e.r-, 1 niAi* Commissi oited uflicera and 
primti -. 

Corps of Indians — kilh'd, I) pritates^-se- 
verely wtfandcdj a — ^Ls^lilJj 'l— missing 

Grand Total— 2 Bergsanta. 4 corpora H, 2 
inyniciuiis, -'.i privates, kill ell. 

1 Colonel,:! i. i|i|:,jns, ftsulwiteth", II ser- 

geants, li corporals, 10a privates, severely 
El sergeant<i, ■! corporals, ] musician, iti^ 

prlviitej.fillghilj v. led. 

ooii'n-.-rs, |(l ti on- commissioned officers 
ami pi iv at 08 inlssing. I 

Total noii commissioned officers, musi- \ 
cian-iand prh'atiut, 310. 
Agsregolc, .'.:.'. 

Ahmu an d rank nfqfticrnt H'onndcd. 
Col. Campbel)j«IIth Inf. severely, knee 
pan fractured, 

Cap'nin Ktns. £Ud Infantry ; ilangcrmisly 
shot wound h< the uhdomen. 

r.,].i. i;. ,,,|, Uthlnf. badly ; fle9h wound 
in the (high. 

Cap!. Hariison, 4Sd, doing duly in the 9th 
infantry, sever* ly ; ii,igh amputated. 

LieuL rainier, Adjucnit of Dili infuntry, 
severely; allot wound in ihe shoulder. 
Ll. Karroii, lllhfiufnntrv, severely. 
Lt Dp Wilt, J-'ilh inf. severely. 
Lt. Patchim, ^jth inf. badly ; desh^wognd 

tmd Brigadier Gen. P. 1H. Purler, duled 
; Qiieenstuii Heights, July 13, annouii- 
i iij;;, thai on Tuesday evening, July I-', 
trie; l-"< c J0I.1 S.vil't, of Fclmj/n in Hub 
county, was- hilled, in a inost perftdioui* 
I inauo'-r, by one of the (nemy. The 
Genera] had volunteered to reconnoitre 
Ihe enemy's poeitiopfl and works m Fort 
George) and look with him liO^iirn. 
In pioeeediiig he captured wilhnut fir- 
, in?; a gun, an otrtjiest, with n ooiporal 
mid ft men, one of whom, after he| ging 
anil receiving ([uaiter-i, wounded Ihe 
General by shooting him Uiro' Ihe breast. 

The alaroi ocea&inued by the* discharge 
oftho gun, brought to the Epot fiO or CO 
of (lie enemy, whom Gen. Swift tin,' 
mortally wounded inslanlly alfnelud with 
BUC068S ; but he soon fill exlmueleil, 
His officers, howovex, ftiumtited by Inn 
eXuinple, led on Ihe Jroooa, be<it and 
drove the enemy info Fort George, 
which they approached to wiihin hull' u 
mile, und (hen returned, bearing (heir 
expiring Genetfll, who died before luuro 

The Generals body was taken tp Uie 
American side of the Niagara, and nn 
Wesjmesday last, <u c o'clock, Interred 

wilh Ihp honors due his rnnk, 

Geo Swift served his country seve'n 
years in the war of (lie revolution ; and 
" never wbk his country called on to 
lament Ihe loss of a firmer pftliint or a 
braver man." 

;"-it'f)n for tin 
midline with tl 

night After some skir- 
• >> my. he scleetvd this 
puun with iio- tyiM-.f,. soldior, bis right rxa- 
ling on !hc river, and a ntvhn baing tn front. 
Al 1 1 at ni^hl, I jniimd t-im nirhtln' reverie 
ler general Rjpley, our field and batter- 
ing triin, ami cotpa ofuridlfi v undi i major 
Hindman. Gene/al Porter Brrft-cd Ihe next 
morning ivith a part of thelVew Ynrk and 
Ei-tiDiylvania vnliinteers, anuVsome of liie 
iv,irrion> oi'ibi- six NaHons. 

Lt. Bnmhall, 9Ui inf. , lightly. 

Notf. The slighlly wounded are fast 
recovering - . 

C. K. G\RD\ER, Vdj.Gen. 
bsTKCTOH GtisteitALTs Onu r, 

H--td Quart-! % L'lt Division, ! 
Camp near Fort Erie'july 3d. ■ 
Return of the British prisoners of war ' 
who surrendered by capitulation with Fort 
Eric on the afternoon oflhe &\ July, let I, I 
to the Left Division of the United Stales ar- ' 
my under the command of Major General j 

Early in the morning oi (he 5:li, the en e . | appeared upon the plains of Chippawa. It 

'"'■ ll '■•■•' : ' pi ti\ war Upon onrpick- w:|C r " ( """se ofsurprise to me to see his 



pis, and as he v-a- indulged, his presump- 
tion was iucreused j by noon he showed 

1 self on the left* four . Kterior line, and 

iltuckcd one of our pickets j; ii mu relurn- 

■■: lo i amp 

C.ij.'. Treat who coinmandi-d it 

command retire In fore fhii column. 

Justice rorhjdathatl shnnld oiaitto name 
mj invn family. They yield to none j.. hon- 
orable zeal. inwTligence and nltenLinn to du- 
ty. Col Gardner, mnjnr Jones ar.I my 
ids capu. Austin and Spencer, have been 

ij-cd disgracefjilly, leaving ., iv»unded man I as active aod as much devoted to the 

'"' 'he gr id-Osiptain Bidleof the Heiy, ^ nny officer, uffhu army, Their cnnducl* 

who was near the sawie, impelled by feel- meri(s my rwrmMi aektiowlellrrheiib ■ of 
linp highly honorable to hirJaa asoldier & ! Gardner ami Jones 1 iball have oceosioii a- 

r, piouiptlj assumed tbevommnnd'of gnjn to speak to 


this | ieki '. IwJ it back lo the 
and hruuaht him olf thefleld 

ded men, ' M r i * Camp, deputy mairtermaster eoiie- 

i i j ,,.,i ral, di serves 

y p.nlicuhr notice and ap 
aiptTrcat or.!h.s|,ol iVi.m tin- ar- pmhation. By he. great exertion I was* en 

my, & as I am antimis no officer shall 
remain undur my command niio cho he s'is- 
pectcd i>f cowardice, I sdrise i»iat cant. 

; * licut." , who was also with ihe 

picket, he strati from i ! i- rolh of the 
At fo 

hardier, ami 1|) gunners, 

100th l!i gt, i cant. ■: lienta.1 ens. 4 ser- 
geants, & corporals, s musician*, 98 pri- 


Bth Re^t. t major. 

Royal Artillery, 1 subaltern, l eorp, l 
bomhl'. til ~n r-i. 

lOnth Regt. ! rapt. 3 fob. 4 sergts, 5 cor- 
poris, 3 inns, oj: privates, 

Agpegate 197. 

AZ.ORNE.AssuIns Gen. 
Major General Brown, 


IWstlaie io pledge" my .Jl" * ? ,; : n ' h, .'-U'*'-n general Portfer, h 

buaor(the -i seat bond I can giroltlmi 

e e j le orthir nrrangemenl -l, ll an om- 
pari be laKy complied with. \ ii ■: of the 

■ - '■' I ii. "sereiv shall lie furni-h. .1 you aa 

* i-aiitcan be made out, and her disar- 

cn imcnl effneted withull possible dispatelt. 
I |wv« tin- honor tu be, !oe. 

^isn-'d) D. PORTER. 

Com. Jama Hilhfir wmmondjiJJ IL i; M 

JngfOt, FKaU, Valfnram, 

Commodore Hillyar aeil in" a paperccr- 
lifyiDE tbut he had, exchauged certwo indi- 
viiJuaii therein named, ranking pari of the 

. i<-.\ ol tht Sir Andrew H .,rr:ni..i,.| for an 

I number of the most nw ..-i. n-oupd- 

ed of my erew j this occasioned the follow- 
ing later- : 

Vujptrtdm, ith April, 1814. 
Sib— I have received a paper wgned by 
yon. dated yesterday, itnling diatyou had 

■ icfwnged certain « ded ^nsooen, mu- 

Mng part of «y crew, for the CapUJn and 
crew ol tin prize ship Sir Andrew llo.i- 
nininl. which paper I nave taken the liberty 
toniurotoyeu, aad protest hi tin- ilrong- 

Dgahi-x sudi a.i.uiw nanl 
In the firs! pWe the v. unded ami help- 
; ' ■ iduals therein oamad, d t w ish 

aided t., f.nd the means of crossing. Capt. 
Ualiha nf the ordnance derMirtment has ren- 
dered evsrv sartioe in hi- no-., . r. 
The enclosed netuhi wifl ,l„, w yon our 
. loss and furnish you iHlh the names of the 

'■ - i" die afternoon, agreea- | ncadand wounded offirers. These L-dl-oit 

men most not he forgotten. Om 
wiH remember them and do them justice. 
iMspectfully and truly yoow; 

tr ri „ JACOB BROWN. 

Hon, John.lrmtlroitg, See. of War. 

meed from Ibc rear of our camp, with 
[hi- volunteers and Indians [taking [he ivoeds 
m arder tu keep mi of \'v ^ of tlie enemy] 
with tlie hope of bringing hi H pickers and 
ae luting paitiesbi tween hia [Porter's] linr 
nf march and nurcamp*. As Portermivod 
1 ordered the parties aih.mi^d in front of 
our camp lo fall bark gradually, under the 
imemy'sjire, in order to drew him, if possi- 
ble, up to our Km-. About half past 4, the 
advance of general Porter's command m-t 
tb«hgh1 parties of the enemy in the woods 
upon ottrexlrema left. The encro) were 

■-' ■■ ■ dlv, ihould I f. 

om any circum- 

stance be separated rrom them, winch 
v nulu h" moreliktlj io be the case ihanif 
they rem ined prisoners, thuii situation 
would be more deplorablu than il i al ore - 
out. r 

Thirdly, thUarraiigeinenl hasbeonmado 

■'' '">' coos and cm term* far from 

oflVrttlg equal advajitngea to tl, ■ United 
9"- >tCi. I lure ihe hoROTto be, he. 

(Signed.) " d. PORTER 

t,'i''i j-i™., Ituiyar, commanding II /; i; 

*hip I'hrU. t 

H.B.M.thyPh-hr, Vaiparam, 
.1/mt uli, 1814, 
Sin-I have the honoi to Kknowiedee 
u«n : r :i of - juir letter -jf this day 1 * Aj% 
protesting ugahuii Ute arrangemtml made in' 

the nanet y.oi returned, and lo DXpro n 

'■■;■ ■' ■ '-'i raj wish, which »-.,-, u, Blleviate 

and, „. in, ,■,,,,, ■lb.- fl .|li,.|Mii-ofY..m,-. 

•ti-.i otficen and cn-w, hoa Ailed of being 
gruued. I am sorry you bave Ihoueht 
I' l' ' lo mention th.- dead find dvlna -as 
[«o fully uplained la von this ,"„,,ro,„- 
that in the event of the lo-s of any, other 
Dames should h e added to the list ' I i ji 
Bpw direct Cant. Wm, Porter to eonjder 
Wmseh* still apriaaner ofwor on his+arole- 

But U I have ordered the peofilc to "„ on* 
board do Quel n, work, under tfaeimnn -- 
siomhat nodifBculty would arise, will Ten- 
rate m exchange tor them an equal number 

or nruonaya, as their niunoa. being sti „ 

^boftundto^Uoweachothei on your 
lale slops bookB, and gh/e up ,-.|so two 

m»te» or midshipmen, lor the twi H 

which ara o' .> Engliih party, I hope this i*..r!er advancing near to Chip- 
pawa, met their whole eohe no in nrder 

From till ll-r':-mrr .■Imfricin July 21. 

(A federal papei.) 

Cony of ? letter from ir nffictr iii general 
Scott's brigade, m threditor. dated 

Camp, Q}-t<i'-{-ii,il'. C.) July 18, 
We hare learnl forfJier partjeuhu-s oftbo 
dreadful effects or the American fire al the 
baitln of Chippawa. The Brilisih regular 
oiintry officers report al-ont Ron killed, wonoded 
and miasing. We learn this fiura the io- 
halutants; theysay every waggon in the 
rountn km put in requisition to carry to 
Fori Geoi^e the wounded. Afl.itish nv.r- 
quia who commanded the innih regiment is 
reported to have been morally wounded. 

till' ruililt.i nnd r> gUl 
Indian prisoner*, i 'in.-f.-^d 4 privates. 

r- -,, . Cil P"- S it». Hank fit File 

hillnd ^ ^ 

Wounded UPri 40D , 8 « ] 
Prisoners | 

pa« to 

From the cloud of dust rising, and 
the heavy Hung, I was I'd to conclude that 
the entire force nfthe en,-n, v was in mai'ch 
i"d prepared for action. 1 immediately i.r- 
dereil general Scotl to advance with his 
bricade. and Tnwsnn's artillery, and m^et 

',' ' "'cpl.i.a m front of „„ r ramp. 

" H did DOl e,„,-,i |„ |„, Kraliui ! d 
" " n intlia fo-M ciig^fment. II,. ad- 
vat* nl in th,- most prompt and officer like 

Style, and in a few inimitM WU in close ac- 

i.oii upon [he plain, -mi|, -, suporigt force of 

British regidar troops, 

lly this tun.- general Porter's command 

grvenway-andllediu every direetJoD, 

Eallan'ry and 

great esertioos to stay their flight. The re - 

lii-i'dlhe vol,,,, leer* :„„| India,,. ,-.*>-d 

helefi ib.,1, f general Scott's brigade to 
he greatly exposed. Cuptaio Harris, with 
bis dragoons, was directed to atop ihe fiigi- 

,, " i ; i "' i,; "- ravine frouttng our comn i 

mdl lent colonel Gar r to order K eneral 

Rjplc} toadvftnee with die ll i re 
which fonued part of Hi,- reserve, . 
Ihelertofour oamp, skirl it,., woods so 

»f. ee P r«fcw, -oidf.ll he rear 

"'""■ '■' y'srighl flank. This order was 

promptly obeyed, and the greatest exertions 
were made by the 1\M r .,„ ,,, .,,,„ 

tlieir position, ■.< .<■! dose wfih if ,,e.„ T 

1>D1 invaio: focanchwastbe seal andgafi B „- 
t|T .i Tlhe Inn- ,.„„„„ ,,,.1,.,! |, v ,., ,,,,, (H| .„ I( 

!''■" "andv-ance u uhe enoms w,. not to 

p-iie'k.-d Major Je.M,,, commanding Major General Brown 
; ,,l, " lr ""' i »;diiiir.ok 1 .,.,.n,is ,„,-« f.iir,,,. Report of fh 
fast around him, ordered his battalion to left n 

' ''V'.'i'irtrjr™ ,.„.( ,„/,■„„,, '• ,],,. nH J p 

promptly obeyed, amidstthe mn.i dondlv 
IJuddestruchveflre. Hegumcdemore se' 

cure position, and returned m the enemy 

so gaJljpg a djscliargc as caused them to r-- | 
ln». By ibn to,,,., .[,.•;,■ whole line e,:„ I 
fall,,,; b.vk. a „d our gallant Roldien ,,.- ! 
Ing upon them a» fustai posalbb-. As soon 
US the enemy hatl gained Ihc sloping ground 
dascondingtowiHjcidpmwa.l.nd AfrZ 
» garter ofa milage Uke Bm | r ,„ tn 
gain his Worfaj. !,, this ...r„rt l,„ v ,,, ,' 
iuce, : ssful,andtheguaj ,v„ m Ma u^'i 
opening upon our line, cheeked In urnfade 

Tne Buiish told the inhabjinla they had 
been cruelly beaten— that they were oppo- 
posed by aooo men. It is a foct lhat l mo 
men of Scott's brigaile, wiih tlte C'Omparty 
of artillery, completely beet tlie enemy 
(bey having a force (according in their own 
account) ;iun nun. The volunteers and 
Indians who hod been in the woods skir- 
mishing with the enenn, mill the Held of 
battle ai leant la minutes before Bcutt arri- 
I ved to oppose tlie enemy. 

Copy of a Irttrrff. ,n Copt. Dnif io (hi 

St m tar;/ of Iht Navi/, t/tifcd Charles- 

ton, tUk'jtitj/, 1(114. 

aiH — 1 have the honor to forward Lt. 
RhshcU's letter, detailing the particulars 
of the melancholy disaster of the Aliga- 
tor. Private letters from thai quarter 
represenl Ihe whirlwind as very severe 
nnit destructive to honses, crops, eye. 

MidsliipoiBo RrailseVmi and Kogersnn 
Were most promising young ntlieers, ami 
would have done hnnor tn their profes- 
sion. 1 have taken (lie neces^nry stena 
to get up (lie AKgotop, aud hare oo tloubt- 
bot I shall nneceeil. 

I huve the honor to lie, with great re-' 
sped, your obedient servniit, 

J. H. DENT, 
lion. Wm. Jones Sec. Navy. 

Copff rfntet/rr from J£ad. liassrtt to 
John H. Uent, £io. eotmmnding na- 
val ojjicrr, ChnrUtion, S. ('tirolinu. 

St. Helena i land, July 2, 1814. 
Sir — The painful task of ioforming 
you (he particulars of the loss of Ihe 
I'nited Slates schooner Aligalor, I ain 

now able to undertake O d the 1st 

of Joly,nt3 P. M. while at anchor In 
the Pori Rjynl Sound, with lower yards 
down, and top gallant matt hoisted, a 
heavy dark cloud rose in Ihe west, and 
coming rapidly by us. The squall when 
within about a mile bad (he nppeamm-p of 
a water spnnt or whirlwind ■ supposing 
from its appearance it would upset or 
destroy u», I thought (he only way to 
aate the vessel would be-to rim her o u 
shore, as it was first ^quarter fliind.ii,,. 
cable was cut and the he&d of Ihe jib 
hoisted ; when before the wind she was 
struck by a most tremendous blast, hut 
no injury was dona • it then cleared up, 
the small bower was let p,a and the i ( ' 
sel brought up In ten^inintite the was 
struck by nnother .still more violent taiel 
and Instantly upset ; the gable waaagahj 
cut in hopes lhat she would driro on 

shore, hut nil to no purpose 

I'n.rrfor GtnvaVa Offt Kt > 

Head- Quarters, Left Division. \ 

t'lllep,«A.!iih July, Mill. 
Herum oflhe killed, wounded and priso- 
rtere^flheermmyintlie action of the Mh 
msLfourfunn the phi,,? wiihin half a mile 
of Chippawa, between ihe Left Division of 
(lie i. .nod Bbtea nTO - commanded by Mai. 
-r of S?' ''""'"' J ;,r '' '' , '- R'SB* torn" «ndw 

rnj theciomoard of :-,-,; I,",,,. f!1 ,,|,, 

KHIod, 3 Capta 3 sub. and 87 rank ami file 
ot Ihe 'cellar troops. 
Wounded, 'l CAptainu of Ihc 1st Rovnl '■ .^mn^Wemiml btste'd between SO and 40 Nm'ecn have beenfour,d mid intorTad in 

Semi ., , T,f. ..f,i„. muihH.'tt. nnd A3 rank ! nillu '^' "! 'he British, after attempt- this Island. Messrs. Brai Word and R " 

and ntcofthc Royal Scotls 8th and moth .■ " T . t,T " ^"SWS E« v * awav at .-ll poinls. 
Keetn, and were pursued until they screened Mn in- 

Prisoners, 1 fl.iptain of tliej Indians and 1 fcel e M l "' l ' i '. Kt t|,rir m,rUs at Chippawa. 

J nnk and lilc of (hi- rc^.i], r ^ , S-mie ol ihc British nfficei-, who were 

Killed in the woods, v f the Indians et, of ; r, ;" n(! " 1 '"id laken, »nJd that ..or troops 

. 1 E, nenaved m a manner that would huve dime 

credil to Lord Wellington's troops 6c* 

ScoUa brigade w a « dressed in greyiarkets. 

tlie enemy supposed them i.i be militia; 

and their oilcan tald their troop's Htey 

"""hi - I i e than one fire before 

they wool I disperse In this they were 

9ftdlydisnp| led. I repcatthe furl again 

1000 AmoUciuw,iviUj onccempai 
lery, drove (Voni the fluid 21U0 
troops twn thirds of them regul, 

r^£jfs m mcmM ,„ , ; ... a»,r y t^"?«,r^ 

M vJisIiln" fo pm-chaae Pu 


e enemy placed Ron fa Com. 
av.- nseertained bcynndo doubt 

Total of tb 
6 TapK | Si-t,. a,,.! ;., B rank nnrffde."' TU,Z 

reportad under (he head of wuwaVd and 

wnnid'h' "'T W . reVfiB! |? '"'.'"'•■•1 that it 

would han- .een .mpractfeable for them to 
li.vnescai.e,). The enemy hod Ihe same 

rr"i",",V'""" TV '' n *"" ,irivn ""* , " d h^owj tiie 
held at the coimn-ne. 

■-.. nt oflhe action as 

Wr»"'/ei,MMh ...he no don 

the mfnrmahon thai . hfl 

I. from 
received f^om 
noT r?1 o,,al,,es,, ,,.,,,,,,,, he carried from 
,liefleld as many oflhe wounded as are re- 
ported above ,., ;i„. .„,,!. 

AZ.ORJW:, Assist Ios.Gan. 

c killed and wounded nf the 

.. Brown ,»ih.. union of* the 5th luls 
Head Qiuirtiira, Camp Chippawa. 
Tin. July, lau. 


Killed— 1 p f 

3 corporals, r. | 

greetJwpnjsuit At tbivmomeot I resolved 
^ bring up all my ordnance mdforced he 
placeby a direct attack, and save He, .„. 
* rhe namt omtfkd in til 

ann ded se.< r , i v 
' : ' ' i iratfti lightly.-' 

■*- sr " ri " IDS. 

11 ''"'■" ; '' Kill*- ■■: mil nuns, u n ri- 

\:^~ n ' ■'■• , lenptain-Xl. 

" ■' -"P'.rj,, io privates-sllchtli, . 

id infantry attached— Wiled, 

in tourtalhom water some of tlie man 
attempted to gain the abora by bw1q> 
mini, but dreadfull to relate, only four 
SUCCeded ; twenty three were drownded 
» inonc the number 1 have lo lament f|,.' 
low <*f two promising ycung officer? 
niidshlprorn Brailsford end Rogerson 

. .- .tog. 
arson were interred to the rhurcb yard 
by the gentlemen of St. Helena. Annix- 
eili. ali.t „f the names of those who 
have heeii found nml ih'. ,. v .ho -tro-iili 
n:issdng. I have Ihe honor i„ (,. 
Twelve inoluding mys-jf ffwe snrf ^ 
on tiie head of the mast R. b. 



ui>..f nid- r ] HB subscriber respectfully i,,n,-m, the 
in,,." pubbe lu ;i)a s,,,,h :l ud-gf, Jt v:,,l t ly of 

lars, will. 7 "binel Purhiturcand Chairiof :,)„, '„ . 

were neenpied in hnrvine ' 
.,...«. ■- a... .i .-. .. •. .* 

ourpwiiahdlheenemrKd.ead. (>.,ihe"7ih, 
we commenced rtiltina n road thrauah the 


weodr, in nrdm tn ipiin Hie r.. 
my On the nth thiroad woscmnpleled. 
-'-■l-ydlliol;.,'. brisad. eross'ed the, tmd Bkirmuhed wnl, thft>hcmv We 
lost three mea killed or wounded-the ene- 
my 17 hillydj,. hen many wnunded unknown. 

" ll "ng this -l I, ihe main body of llir 

nncunj [Irecipitatnly left the works at Chin- 
nawa, and retreated down the river, afW 

bavmg reodereij n,e|e-, •(,.■ artilleri . Uc 

winch toev could nol take along. On (Its 

ptlhwe .iMMiied ■hen,.,.,,,., Q^l "J 
riiiij abandoned in greal haste their t r'ni 
'", ' '.•hehoigliteofQuucnsi 1^.:' 

torlinoalion, on the grmeid. iv u ,,-,. . , 

■ ..ruiiure and 
and w,ilf,verf,nn 1 v,.i.lJ 1 , irPlr ,„ m 
«h. I have ,, r mn.-d.r, ,--.., ,,, 

ly^^uted.aiidonveryliDeralternw. Alt 
wllle- puDCtualfy «tond*dto, 

ethersgeld, An-.-i. 



uiipi nn, 

A valuable FARM 

npud on th. q 

■■■• r had 1 1- i',-. in ■ 

here -.1.,,,, , I, e e„ T ra.i„„ 1 ,r-,|„ ■ l,,,^ \r 

and our (brcea at Sac-Wf, Hj, rbnPi ,,, (ir( , ' 

mnd where Vnii It.... 
Ifl1 -- We ore, 1 t k, 

men io; 

hardand wood lot; on ^i<J Far 
wwnt DnrelDM tfou-i 

) '•-"■'" >■'"" Oeorge and \| 

rm tea eon. 
■e SHBX^^fA 


—wounded levereli 

s privates 

.-, 1 1 ruittin ;; ni, 

""'l;" 1 !?- ■■-'■■■• ■■:■. I»nri, ... ' 

nth Infiiutry — killed, I 1 ■ earn 
|, " i l1 '. 10 imTalcs ■ wounded 

1 CO' 

verely, 1 

.^"'"fSiKWa-iSHedlbispiacoonTiiesdnv i 

"■:t ! '.. 1 e.-,.,,,io,.,.. 1 ,„, r . 1 „ l .,, !(n , li .,. i , |ii ; ■ 

o,ille ;r , V l, lll ,S,,.,,,,,.. Hi ...,- ,,!,,',; 

n«fl'n« waiting ol Qucei 


scriber living on (he ;,-.. 

Farmingtnn, Aug, S 


a in fo| (Jut pLr . 

From V* Ontario BjpoiUaryaf J^fytfl 
D *4/flJ* SitfcV>.,We have re 

te.'.ed.l.e onler. of Major Uu, i;,„, u 


* 11 i l-oj 

»JJ P :BaIryo/,h 



j -■■ >■ itanv ..1 ih,. i.„ 


BOSTON, j !y jc. 


*«mm has made satisfactory treaties 
" l ! l,,, : ia ' Aimrm, Ruwa, England, and 
nlUheir allies. The tcrrilory of tfie former 
woiiirts as before ilia tBvolmiun, W ith aom" 
Mlloiocrease. IJofland - „,„ MlA ,., , , , ( 
1 he German Suites arc to form a tod rativr 
l««eue— ollifii-mai, indtspeudiml. 1'arJ r,f ■ 
Itnly returns to Austrin— rhc rest ivill form ' 
; wicui RiUW itHfca. Britain returns to ! 

i ranee nil colonies ejrecpl Tobi , St, Lu- 

«b,aDdtbaL«e France. Gimdnloupe re- 1 
l«irr» t« [> ranee. Ksnnceis loiiave tin- pit ; 

vnVgvsofthe most fav :1 „»ii on inn trade : 

to hidia. Franco n mines h«r right |y fr h 
ontlif hm'w of Newfoundland, wupre- ; 
some recover* hi • possesion-, an the i«„nl. J 

- he opposition i'l irw Rriijati Parliament | 
ceniplained td'tlte TroatyVith Pruned hc- 
> ■ I] ore i 

the siigts all remained offEastpon, whim 
nur informant left, together wild the Rifle- 
man brig, which foiued in, n, i' ijjfh 

Ourvtyujsl from St. John, bad asrivftl at 
Eiwlport, and retured with a car K o of lum- 

The troops which landed at foatpWt 
Wore mostly j-ouug men, and nude a flae 

fcvrr DrjmrtmtnT, jufy j^ , , a 

TVTOTICEisherefeffTcn, that separate 
AH proposals will be received .u theoffice 
ol the decretory for the llfpariinentorWar 
Until lio'ctock at ntTODof Saturday toe last 
day ol Deoejnber ni-xl, for supply of all ra- 
tions (hat may be required for the u * e „{ ,\ lt . 
United Suites from the 1st nay of June, 
1810, inclusive, to the lllday of June, 1H16 
within the states, territories and districts fol- 
lowing, viz. 

ist. At !;-.■:,:-. ^chn^eftaach- 

Trrasxst/ D>-pnrt l nr- l tJ,it v 25, 1R14 


That prbposata will be received by the Set 

rotary, oftne Treasury iwtilthe 
August next for loaning loth.' U 

(1 day of 
t Slate 

the sum offtlX MILLIONS of dorian, o 
■my part thereof not has than twenty fin 

From the Norfolk iluald, of Jul,, ^ 

Ol, Tuesday Bijsfat | Mt , behw *„ , he 

nottn a i- and i, the alarm of MUR- 

UER> was given in LltHe Water-street, 

in (lie houw of Willicn Scott, Ihefceepe?; troops 

oi, b liphng shop in street. Th« | or nicmltod 

"»«bwon on entering (he house, found BM, (l " ■" n.-iiy "tUie Upper Lakes and the 

BooK prostrated oirme floor, behind Iris ;l " 1 ' "■ ol,i °- 

counter, and bfohsss: a few stone from ' i ' 1 ' Al ■'"> |''"'»i | ,l "'<s wcr.. t psare 

hiai lay lii n wife, alive " 

-., Port 
yoe, tJj,kugo, Hud their immediate <■'<■ 
initius, andal aoZ-plaee or places where 
re or may be rtationed, marched 
mthin th'' territory ofmlelu- 

_ L-rely woumleilj and bleed 
The ai-cnint sin 


ihdBBtl, hut se- 

bimc ofKcntuckyiuul'A 


i i&ion a-aiiibt the 

(.■ivriii v, jcj»e p, 


"■■''■ i •[.. flliloa fnr Arorrieu, drawn tl-nm 

i prepared with 

sday l.i-i tfie Hi-sl 

\jinlilion sailed IVOIO ISnr- 

ordi i oft'eos. Rubiason, 

It ronsi*li <l <>f the Mb, 

■ (th, r»3th, mnli. Vfilh, and 


■innpiEti propoitiunnd. Vice Adfniral 

ilm hns i !!<■ comitmnd of tin- naval I'or- 

the arm) »i Wellmglon givalosl activity. 'J 1, 

within the 
n~ rirofusely. see, 

m me hottse, h-hose names are WjlHom l '■'* wWdd the lUiuois, Indiana and Bfiasuuri 
tJacketl and JBtnes Riwe, were in th c t ^"itories. 

ahtip Rhine with her husband mid theJ *^ 4 ■** a "J' ' : P ,ace op pbicei where trbopa 
tloors Closed, When sho retired lo r.v,l ':"'." ":',"'■'>; h.'_.l.ui u .,. d, m^id^d orrerruit- 

itiufiMtn Julni** 
Barber OHtvt 

Bio«n .'jmes, 
lli*«» R t „j. ,t 00 

IHXlth >' .i.':rr 

Bolt Ahi.rnt, 
Ceniu .i.>hh. 


■J."" S flw *" i J nv * millionsTof dollars I lia.ilttt iVunan 
Mitltonsed m he borrowed by the act of , BryaSi x&wlfi 
CoogreaioftheMthdayor.MarchfaiiL I )t«k«.ih j, - t J ' 
fheslork to be issued for the money I B^-e'i P«ni*n r 
loaned Bill hearftn interasi of six par cent] B»«erait fiiiJa2 
(»r annum, payable quarter yearly ; and ' 1,,u """n Ad!,.h, 
tno praposauj must dfatinctly state the *■ ' iJ " h « l U"-. i»l- i 
niduiitol money offeredto bfl loaned and 
Ihwrateat wbich the uforciaad Biorb ft ill 
It weeavsd for aa same. 

The araobht loaned is to he haw into a 
rsena or banks authorised by Oil Treasury 
iniristalmeobin ihe following maonor, ri/j 

One fourth part, or Iwe.iU-f,,,- dollars 
oneachhuudreddofiaw, on the teij] 
day ofSeptninbornexf. 

And one fourth part, on the tenth d.iy 


™ Hartford Pust-Ojice August td 1814 
Kill«m ChaMts, 

fnotl P.t«r, 

K H^EKJoitpb, 
kimhiii] 11 or m an, 

K'l.y ;\.,,,, 4 _ 
K^is.^ John. 


Laliaer Hrt I,. 
T-*»in ^jruutl, 

Arnold flenry. 

Baldwin Loamia, 
litooki Cataa/inc 

Mississippi terriuiry, the .i^te 
nd then Tieinitias north of the 

,1 tin 



■TuauX U'sd 

Hn« iind Ki'iniil 

B7I11, -";•,.. | M, 

tllith n '_•[■;, and .i dulachio 

■" d eipiip ig« propm tinned. \ 


i i • The snhjoibed iegl . are In follow as 

■ ' "i ' |" -' •:., viz. the nth. mm) ! 

dr. . ■;,-■ ; Ihe l-.t battalions of ;<,■■ ;,,! .|i', 

nth, '.'.h. 37t!l, laih, 57th, Cist, 8*1, and 8Mh 

]'■-'■-. with ..ii fftiluense ijiiautiLy of ivmm- 

iind ■ i' tin of arijlti n oroportiuned. 

;■■ G « n ' B*.ll nil! ■■ rutmd [he ivt|« le, 

Whan they shall he united, they will attach 
(he moil i ,:;• ■ tool pari of the t/itited Stati . 
haw •nlw*y&4niien io destroy Ihenafnl 

''"' , - 11 " 1 <'"■ ■'■■■■ "■■<i-- nftbe imv. The 

iniinnc will co-opejatc in a ducicirc>itun- 

l.nvoov. jrvr. 7. 
Ahnut rfl(ll» iwcrtiit*, volunteers aiul con- 
val-sc«iu,ornwt9. which*. r.>r America, 
Will I,- umhnrkva m n fen days at Port*- 
innuth, nndljroeoed dlroctly for Long-Ial- 
aod nr Rhudi -Ialaijd, which ought in he ta- 
ken fnr depots ol the • jrpadition ..-amst Hie 
Amurtoan tnerchanl yessuls. 


Ufttttriaia Visitors. 

Their raaji slits (he Hmperor 

and King of Pros?ia, n'id the 

'"'■'""' ! per onnees of their suite, enier- 

ed Lund M yi I. ril.iv, m different hours 
nud by d;fr<M.:ii( routs, to avoid the-puhlic 
notice am] .iMentm:..-. The crowd was im- 
roen-i n; mi .,11 th,. |„,i,,!, where they n-cre 
expt'cfed, n-id il the;. !, ,| attemptod lo 
have rntvred upon i>i»- route they could not 
pos^ihly ;,...,- advanced. The populace, 
.howevnr, were cerj much oCeQded that 
there was nut .i public etitrr. 

know the 
me men, 

drt within th 

of LmtKiadii 
Uujph 'if Mexico. 

^th. At any place or places where (roop 
are or ma) hu itattonedi marched or r'. 

some abort time before the murtlw feolt 

lilacej hearing a noise fn thtrgTion she 

went down with a candle to 

cause, when she behelttihe ! 

With her hlMbflnil'a pocket bonft; fl> her hus ' l '"" 1 ''' 1 waliia Ut« diir.ri.-t of Main and state 

band (ying WeKeiTiig in his blnud ■ Roboj"! • N '-' ,v ' 1 ' J "" i l'-- ! ' i if •""'■ 'heir nudiem viciu- 

iniinediatelj seized | leP nr the t!iri , ;i ,, l,, ' ( j, 

'■■ ll ' 1 " Racket, witfi a dagger, pave her , '" ' :, | "> l' 1 ;"^ ">\ P'a«f» where troop 

several slobs in Ihe neck ant, back, but 

fire or may In- a itianed, marehad or recruit- 

ofeaeh eftlie iiiimilngmomb*nrOci.)i i ' » u »«ll J'jvlri, 
her. and December nexl I f,,n, P h «h t'nnc^r 
On(heday*xedforlbepayineot of the SS?'* Ha "f*t, 
nraror any olhp'r instalment, all tliere- ' ;. ' J '"*i-K 
maintnginatahnenls maybe irjidatthe )' " l(, "'i**J. 
option of the lender. " Cb*Mer\Vin. ir . 

ti,, r . r „„,, ;i u Mi , M toft th, bank ->r ! rZ^u™'**- 
bnnk. U ttuAvI,iohthelen.lerjna) desire to SSoSS 
m^ahjapayinentajandhe will be allow- cSSSt ' 
rdtomakcthem acooriling fe hh wishes ScrtiS^ 
lima expressed in all cas« where the con- : Conhig n &L£ 
■--ft,:, rrErainviiiHps-r-.'i. ,-,,.„/.,.. o , 

1 he same terms n ill i„. allowed to =11 ttwby ,\ ,hm 
|" I'd ivitliindtesUte-ofyomont and to nor- *«» proposals are accepted, 
nsequouoe nl her shneks and cries, Umrn vicinty. , No propmals will be receive 

... trie , 
I"' J runle of] withoul completing theid 'lh. At any place ouilHes wkeii«ro, 
diabohcnl work, and in Iheir hnTry, left Brftr "'»»«yheat«tion«d^iiHchi(dorrecruit- 
Ihopo^ctbookmtihiaiijigsomelmtidreils ,d ,v "'"" Uimtate of MaBsachUbBlu, 



le! II,. in twenty 

>>.' placet were troupa 
>•■ stauuneri, nutrcbed or re- 
ihe sral.sof Cumiectieut mid 

fill. At anj pi 
are or m.v ha ■ 

■■'■ il witJiln 

Rhode I-I.uid 
8th, At any place or pfaces where troops 
■■' won apprehended, and the nreovouy he stationed, marched orreemJt- 
d JviUiia the Slate of ,\ev»-V..ik m..l its j 
■''•'Tu vicinit) .iiifl western 

ofiloJIaup, behind Ihem This slotamenl 
she ajsogsvt opr»n oath; to the esanimiuc 
magistmle, and to (he .mmest summon- 
ed on her husbaml. Both Hackelt and : 

evidence against fhuin being Biifficieiitlj 
■dear, (hey were comtnitted to jail. The 
woman is slid alire, tho' hur recovery is ! 


id for a eon: < Dodn Elibu 

IDiusnn>i dollars : l<ni , a v | r ,i„, 

.i Cflinmission of one foiu-Ul of one per cent j Untpfcfti i] Jr 'r 

wui i... allowed to any person collecting UosneJor.', 

subscriptions for the purpose of inoorpora- 

bne [hero in Due proposal in die amount o( 

tw'cnh five thousand dollars or upwards 

proi idj >l such propoaal shall be accepted. 

On failure of payment of any instalment 
Hie next preceding instalment to l»e forfoil- 
t «d 

All the IntUlnianrainust be paid at Ota 

tilth. At afty'placenvtdaws where boons *°™eRaok o».that at which the fii>t inrtal- 
nrenr may bcstatitftied, marched or Meruit- ' ™«ptJillatH(e paid, 

Uoane JorV, 


Eirlo Phlti-, 

A M E TttUJ A* ,1/ E It CCUV 

■ ed h u (he slate ui N^r-Jersay, 

i iih. At any place qr places where troope 
are Or maybe slaliinaa, marclwd or re- 

! "■ :« ivithin the Mate ojfPeinisylvania. 

i-'h. At any place or plare^ n here troops 

jSmp certificates will be Issued by the 
< ashiers ofiheBanks where die 

i shall he made, to th, 

H ARTFO RD, Atigtiat i. 
The Govern ir and Oonocil mel in this ' ''T ".' "? l 3 bos '" l '» oll «l»ntarchodorrecri(j't 


: persons making the 

paj incnta, and the said Cashiers will enddrae 

city, on the 27th oil. and adjourned on 
(he !£8ih ; In, Bxcellency, (in conJorraity 
to sentiment v. hid, ,ve have a long lima 
nol doulited to have been entertained by 
lu.,., mn Bjiirjl ..I honesl ».,d sincere anx- 

iety, for ihe nernctURlion of the 

'1 within the statu; oi Maryland, Del; 
and District of Columbia. 

13th. At any place urplnees where troops 
are >ir may be stationed, morehud or recruit- 
ed within the slate of Virginia. 

Hid. Manj pUice or phieas where troops 

on thecertifleatesthopaymenti of th 
■..'I'.it instalments when mad 

El to 

Ely Ctarii i m, 

: Wtiilji N. r. 

Panshfr ftfl«a n n>l 
Fob l*r l Me , 

Gnifii Grant JnO, 
%ifnrj Lenn.r,, •, 
Gii.n, i, h cbattocp 
QoodWui .litMK*, l 
Loomis Sally, 

L'JOidi, J jo (( . 


Morfou haniid, 
ftoll Jhuum, 
Muliar Enhvr, 
Milttr JomuIi, . 
Mro-iodal* Harius, 
M. Knighi Home*, 
Harbli (Tltrsr, 
Nooir A, nitron, 
-y^'fan Enhtr. 

Olcoll HUtjarrt, 
««iB Bit., j b. 

rod* Sanual, 

'"'lllUT ! wir j. 

Porsout l>nnif|,I>. 

PWAlrfj ft, 
Portrr A sahcl, 
Pur-cn- r.Uoah, 
Ptikin* w.>.„,;,ii.Vi 
Mir* i how*,, 
Perkin- Ropcrf, 
Pontr Jr«-« 


esev- | OrinroliI Oro 

f Gray li|„ Itoawb. 

Of Itil' -i.i 


Union,) having come lo ihe reirolutioh tn 

■ c !'!>' with IlierequUalimirenennymade 

I hy' the President of Ihe U. Stales 
i ihe patriotism of the Militia. 

national ' 1 ra -.°' niay be stalionnd, marched or re 


Frp'rlllit; Bo3!l)ll VuflrtUmm. 
A gaiilhflhan who bft£aatpoei on r^in- 
day, I fitli inst. has commimicatedtlmfollow- 
iiifc respecting the capture of 
that place. 

On the I ith, at G, P. M. mneh tn the sur- 
pn-,' of every one, a lleel of m n of war 
and transports appeared off thai place, sent 
aflag.nn3h.nr3, arid demanded tbcsiirrcnd- 
er of tin- plane, audgavr the eommandiug 
olEcerS riimiica to consider of it— In- m 
firs: ii ui ed to surrender, bid before the ea- 
m'raTain nf thai tim.. h. orde ed the flag tu 
he struck— the British iinmedJHtidj lun.ii J 
[ronpa, and look possession nf the place. 
The garrison, [nhout 10 men, under Major 

Potman,) were le pftsoners, and seni un 

hoard the ships same night Thf oJlii'ers 
v • re parolud, aad ' chebocco boat, with a 
!injT. was gyifirj ihem lo come tn Siitentj ; 
.:inl they tltspiittlid mi (he 17th. Tile i!j(pe- 
dilior. was coiriKQandcd by Sir Thouias. It'ir- 
4y in the Rvumhes, 71 haviug with him Ihe 
Martin sloftp of wa^ Tantom do. Borer brig, 
Bream -eh. anil three transport* 

Ahnut unarm.-]]* (the iDidieRt.) wefe 
landed on ihr 11 Hi nod i-:tli, and sentinels 
ima "it;.; placed, round (he town, at (Jie 
wharres, and »l the feriy. 

On th- Uih. Com. Hardy earned a 
himaliou tnh.- poirfed iii ■■. coiisnicuoLis pari 
nl the .town, calling 011 [fie inhabitants' In 
t.ike the 0,1th of allegtfince tn the British 
government, orlaaveun' plare In 7 <i..vs. 
About 9 -: of the hhabiutnts h.n\ taken the 
oath, nod ore now transacting Hieir usuul 

": I ■'■ (I- ' I 3. v. •','? torontir.' 

f.i ■■!■ till fui'tber orderewj A Custom-IIousa I 
had !n L-n estobiished : onu the rnrnutr llou- 
ntj collector was to conliriue Ins office in 
the same, under British regulations. Those 
of the inhabitants tvlto Irad to fused (0 biki 
the oatle of ajlegianec were e 
the pluco on Wednesday last. 

Kiittport was In be abontjly fortifiednnd 
pnrri-oni'd— on pieces ofcattnoji were to be 
rnmjnte*d on Uino^ Allen's Islands, 
which command the imrrows of Uie U'est 
pns*'igc io Rastpoi't. 

tin tlie will, 1. tivnapwrt orrlud from 
Halifax, MOi riliinit mn men of the tiuth, 
who were landed Ihe neil day, 

The mllilarj' forces were commanded hy 
r..l. Fil^palrick. 

About iOO women, (the wives of the anl- 
rtitn. Kc.\ were landed at Eattpmi, wilb 
tliefr ci'ildren. 

Damning I. (faint/ — We refer our rea- 
ders (o Oapt. Pouter's loiter [published 
in our his! j it confainshewrind com-lu- 
■Hvo facts, relarivc to Ihe iafainnus attaok 
011 (he Eisex. Whatever a few cold- 
blooded British advocates in Bntdon may 
My, the base murrterer Hllli/ar mn tic- 
knoKletfge (he nenffttily of* Valparaiso , 
It was (bet neutrality which saved ibe 
1 onward from desbacSon. Me pledged 
i IliBftortOlO' to rarptXtit—ths honour of an 
19n£tish qffker-r~n donk Iienenlh which, 
I like 11 ntnlnighl Hasnssin, he upon 

fruited within the state of North-Carolina. 

1 -lb. At^nypl .. or.plaees where troops 

arc or may be utafi d, murched orre- 

cniited wiiiuo the limi*s of the State of 
(reorgia andiia sjuitllom >ici.niy. 

A ration t.. c i*t of one pound and onu 

quarter "l beef, or three qui - nfa pound 

of salted pork, eighteen ounces of broad 
(lour, one Kill 

lescnp cerrjrteataB will Be assi-naWe | Oilhtn BKiho 

gin of rum, whiski \ ,.r brandy, J! 1 '",*■' 
d at thp rate of two miaiis uf wit, four !". r "" 

quarts of lioegar, four |iuuiids ofsoap, ae.d 
one pound and a half of candles to everj 
hundred rations, "Hie pikes of ihe several 
component p»rt« nftbe ration shall !.e speci- 
fied, sat) tlie-IJnited 8u.r,.,..-H,-, ll -il,.' right 
•<f^ auch altefaljuus in il.i- price of 
the . umponenl 1 irtacjf the ration aioresaid, 
in shall make the price of each part thereof 
hcarajusi propnrrion to the propoaod price 
nfthe whole ration. The rations hit to he 

by enrloraoroaol and delivery ; and will bo 
hindcd after the om.pMion of the p-y- 
ments, upon presentation to the Commis- 
sioner ofJauaits for the state fhere the p;.»-- , 
ments have born made. 

t ■■'■: : )'iL- 1 ■: ■.i"fi:.-ih'dst-?lc will al=o b"e I 
issued, if the holders of scrip-oortificates 
shall desire it. for the amount of any i-.sti.i- 1 
ment paid, afterthe payment of &e ni it 
sueeeediDK instalment. 

The funded stock- to be thus issued will 

beii-redeeni:dile_,t||l ,ifr^r the 51st day nr | \:.-y. ■ ^u be trnnsfernil-k in '■ 
the same manner, a| Ihe other funded [01 h 
nfthe United States ; and «ill he charged, I 
regular and quarterly 

payment ofits h< .-.-sfi,i.<,» 
Itin'ia-e'mimburse- SaHjS. ' 

man! of its principal , ihe aniina] 

1 ind ufctghl miilioiu ofdollart aopr d 

for the payment of Uieprincipaland 1 I 
est of the 'li ' 

V-fTlT V l "" nl ' ?1 "'' 1 '" «Wl" quantitiea, tBal ihi le shall 
rnsusp. victim . et a slander- ; ,, ,„ „„„ ,, .,,„-,,. (n , tl . nn ol „ K , 

Boston lederpl prml aiiys. there 

manner pointed oui m tii 
ihe ^ith utT Alarch; u;i j 

Li .-nn« l"inii-.l si ,..-. hi tl 1 Jonr*Iihw*i 

rib B W,b««, K'«t1 ftn» fl ,i, 
Rann^-j .1 ,n,u. 
ft.f.t 1 m ,, 
W'.mn!<lU'"l'.'ilH . 
hllry Mai -in, 

F'^ntiy Timothy, 

Mr» Ihiimn.. 

■ lyanut »i !>--, 

Pi i":.\ 1 b 
Biuish «.,, ... 

Fp urn ( , 

risniiorri v 

>. iin,-,t:i I iMiltii.1, 

•■•tip,l»n CI , 

J'; fl b 

Sn,i-h t Ifi i, 

fnge Plain*' . 
Sltimin Fmiry, 
(tUa.lmiui -foianiha, 
Ptailh Eth^c. 

T">»b n f H«nry, 

'■ n ml ull "..n|,ii, 
Tnrkfi Mhiv, 
TrwOtri r. 


I'Uei Bri.vii.ii.., 

U'iU,.im» tlirrsli, 
H rorUi ilwimiib, 
v. ,' 1 , 1... , 
* 1 ihraii .11 i.i", 

M n'L H ■■nn' 1 ! i 

1 ' .;.QHtt. 

:\ KtfNWrmhaU 
V.'.-i A'gtUioci. 

C'lforJ t; , mali. 

Fafl l ( nti»,, 
Kratb •.-,,..., 
Huiifon DanlcE 
Rowley [via, 
lli-i'ilalr Z«iavh, 
K:i II(..i, Ll d, 
lluhhat,! JohO.i. 
HhiUd «m. 
Hnn -hot. iff Genua, 
»;.!, ru--.ii.. 
Bill* RtlHKa, 
Hiov-iud AhrahiA, 
Hy1c Sarah, 

Innji^- Mil'OP, 

Jute Ijuey i. 

aforesaid act 01 ■' 'aei Eh»n, 

, Jdhnn Ffckanfl 

tu^ldoii.f , 



Stcrel&y of ii'.c Trtatury 

but would . lion ol (In; 1 

Tiie L'L'lli 

I. was expcclcd at F-aatport 
dully, from H.hfax. 

A con 0Jer.1i, ir quantity of dry goods were 
ictied nt Kaatjtun when it surrendered, and 
rem ijiai :.■ pcueccicn oflhe British last 1 •- 
counts. Pricaie properly was respected. 

Very little public property was found 
there— supplies for the garrison had roach* 
ed Caatfne when news of iU surrender was 


Four aiguteen-poundfim and 2 sixes w ere 
m«unted at Raitport, v ben ii was wax cap- 
toivd. The on1i-ers(heaidfi Major Putman.) 
were CaptV. V.imuui nud Fillhruwn, of tins 
town, andlwo . Reigns, 

BeraraJ American vcxaala were captured 
ai Eaatpnrt. 

The < ipeditinn ,WM from Bermuda and 
Jl.iiiijt, m Iron J tzi'ouscd ol Sbelbumc. 

is not an cftiuer in our nuvp 
have done the fame And will thin 
tmlroge s'il! find initiators atnnng naj'j 
Should it not cause the warm blood to 
rush through the hear! of every Ameri- | 
can? Doee it not call for venseimce 7 [ 
O, where is the spirit of Ihe nation. 


Attmr.ih FROM IIOLMXf) ! 
By (he following paragraph from lite Sa- 
lem Oaatette of ,fuly g9, we learn 
that Mynheer CuAi nvtAs, Minister to 
tlii-i counlry from Hollau.l, has airi- 
Tetl at M iible'irud. 
POSTSCRIPT I— T:aM evVping nn a- 
! (arm waa raised at Mnrtdeliead nv Uie 
approach into thai harhor rtf twn ships, 
: winch were supposed to he enemies, and 
tlie alarm was rnmmunient.'d from the fort 
in that place by rsignalguo lofort Pick- 
; ering, in consequence of whjchtlie Rsscx 
, Guards with great alacrity repaired in anus 
I f.i th.'ir assisned pohf. .Tlnl alarm soon 
.subsided, from acertammg that 1 (,*■ 1 isnls 
were the nolch sloop ol »;.r jljnr. Cunt, 
Barker, Ik (he mar chant ^hip Prinre iif Or- 
iTui,v, under Iterdonvoy, brindng 01ft [lis 
r Kscellency Mynheer Cwaooolon (with 
; his^ 1 * and Buiftijas "Minister from the 
Prince nt Orange to (he United States, 
Tin- shifts wpre defined to New-York. 
■hut put into ,M..rli|i'ln"iH in Cnnsuqueuce 
" contrary winds. They sailed from 

oXedtoleava SSkS'iP S ""5 V"' '""""' " 

I'oitsmnulli Fug. nud hiniz pap r 1-3 of 

th;i( [>lr.ce In the flft June, eontaiuing Loo- 
dun dates to the 2d only, nol sn late ii* he- 
foro received. They were yesterday hoar- 
ded by H. I!. H. ihip Leanoer, nna. of the 
M rereading squadron ; and on (In- Grand 
Biinli Iind In to also boarded l>v tin l". S. 
■loop ofwarltatllesnnke two ifavs before 
her capture, Tlie eontrnantfiT bnnra the" 
pTeasing rqport, Dint aspcedj PRACK was 
likely to take ptaoc between Great Britain 
and ibis country ; — hnt on mis subject our 
recent English accoiinta probnbl] pjve as 
much information as this ve-vsrt rami If.. nl. 
Fnnoilii- papenweean extract no nrtieu 
of iutelligenee we were not previously In 
possession of. 

of «] 


To IneabnvfeLnan will he received hy 
the lubscriber until the iwhinsi.— a,., I 
Itonsby mail from Gentlemen «iih whom acquainted wiU meet with dtie ntteii- 
•"Wi M.iUBPAltD 

Hartford. Aug. I, ISU. 

prop os 
■ fur the cOllSllmp- 
pi lor -i\K months in advance, 
I and wliolesome prpvjaiuns, if ihn 
same shall bo required. 11 is alw. to be per- 
mitted II and every of tlie commandants 

..r fortified places or posts, to call for, *i 
Boasona vihen the same can he transported, 
nr at any time m case of urgency, such snit- 

i;! iw ' •", l" ( m ' 1S '" : f : "r;;rj" ' U ! «'i~'rihulion of Uic'lO 

discrd il the eonunandtr shall be aminJ- ' 

dd proper. 

his understood thai the contractor is to 
be at the expBnse and ride of issuing thu 

ppliestotlie troops, and [lint all Iowa 

HAVIMG purehsd d the at ich in Iradc 
of Mr. *lilli 1 Fiih (won f, . . relin- 

Sustained by the .depredations of the enemy, j town ; No, ,*J56 at 1 isbon - No 

qtnshed i'h Buhl .■ d BI101 niaki 

"• -" Ii ■- r. m .. ■■ • BOOT AM) 

SHOR VlAMTF ICT.OR? to tfie stans 

t ■■' I; iii 11 I \ him ind iidicjl the 

i' itrona*. ■ f I.,- old ■ istum. ■ . nt well as 
pdhlii iii 1 Dent. 

1>0 gralify (he numerous emjuiri::-. fhfe I Tliej have nn hand a complete a*wrt- 
I'ollowiug information is given oflhe ""'"' '" '""''' "' '"'"' ,: ' "''' I ''"' ' " ' 
flpital PriKes (l f v hi--, if dn- beat quality aod nn 

. ■■, and ari cui ■ mil) adding to it, >■ 1 ;. b 

they offer .i- fnu a* cm hi pu -i bos d at 

anv bther ■"..■ In th< 1 iri 

TherlLV'i ■■!-■» .1 lar'e assnrhijiyit •■■ 

No, ill, hy two persons In Middle- Morocco Skins, nf-ll ton ma, and all oih- 

IU0O dplfara each iu li'atttmghn Bridge 
Lattrry, ;Yo, 8. — They were owned B.9 
fulhius : 

orbyniunii?* of the troops 01 (he Unile'd 

States, shall ho paid by the United D s 

at tlie price of the lirltdc captiired ..r d*- 

-tii.yi'il as aforesaid, on the deposition of 

too or 01. ne persons ..f credible characters, 

Widths ci itificato nfa Commissioned officer, 

staling tlio ciieumstoice of (Iih loss, and 

Ihe amount of the nriicJ.sfer which cum- 

pensaticni sh.ill he claimed, 

j Tim priviie^eia reserved td the United 

1 States ol tbnuUing thai none of thn sirpplict, 

j which may be furnished umtcr any of ihe 

proposed contracts, sluill be issued, until 

tlie supplies whiib have been, or may he 

furnished under the coutraet 1105 in force 

have lnten consumed. 

N. 11. The Editors of Newspapeis who 
HT" iiiidinri.e.l tOptltlllall th« lovvit oflhe 0- 
idled SiM-sni-.' requested to Insert the fore- 
going lulu'tlioiin.'iii uuce a Week for two 



thi'ir line of 

k Ii.iiiu! 



HAVE removed their Goods to the se- 
cond building tmrih nf ihe Brick '■■ 
lug- House. They baVa justreccjved from 
New-York a supply of 



.7 numbrr of JldvutiteminU uuoiuhJ- 
<mifted tilt our m U 


..1 rrns kir sari!, 

60 Ouintalls first rate 
"C0(J FISH. 

H irtfordi (Bu rr glrt'i'l) Ju ly CO. <w70 

•1 Ml'', auhsirlheroffurs fjir tale Iii-. place, 

* corner "f Front it Tat co II Street in (he 

city of Hartford, now occupied by Tiniothj 

Bryant, Stone Cutter. 

Wethcrsflidd, Aug, i, tin l tJTo 

Whieh niakes their assorMbnt ai good as 

CJU) he expected ul this loin , .•!( of which 

will he si. Id irary hm, at wholettla or retail. 

.'i'li'infr them art, 
i;i..kk lloreiice Lu string I black, Italian 
nud 1 'union Cr.ipi 1 ; hlarl: Catuhrjrt ,oid 

Bomnnutts ; black t^ica for V.-il- ; hlaek 
damask Sliawlsiblack and while luce v*eils; 
black oauie Hdkfa. ; white and colored lace 
h:,h H.llrf,. - LareVand kes; Ladies while 
and Mark silk Hose; r\' T.nice Lustrings J 
white sill, lace Ribbons . silk ' lord 1 I ""•■- 
pftltu ; silk Buttons, hall Trimming ; Gimp 

T , ,v , silk, cotton, and thread Laces; 

•Ilk '-I > j l '.mi irlek Muslin ; figured Le- 
on's ; Bedford I..H 1 8 iiwla : linen Hdkfi , , 
hu. 1, 1 tamfarick ; Il.tij.ih,.-, Cotton Shirting; 

.V.iiil,.,. in : MilUuette ; flags; and 1: md 

HIM";. : American Btripvs, Obachs and 
IHaglioms, be. 
Au|tisi 1, to 

; the vicinity of New Haven ; No. I WO, 
I* hy a geulleman, and ;!-* hy Iwo hi 
dies in Berlin; No. i*20, told In quar- 
ter* — i-i* In '.ii- -hi. and y* in Spring 
fudd, ft[» ; ,\o. ;j,i7j, lo/sl in §uarle>tt, 
14 in Easi-Haddam, II | n Sajrbrortk, 
14 by a lady alTolhir.d; 1-4 in Canaan, 
No. 3382, .told in qmincri, | -2 Tn Sharon, 
1-4 at Canaan; 1-4 at rorringford No. 
BSaSi owned hy fi persons m Bridgeport. 
No. 7SS3, told in quarto*, 1-2 .11 Baat- 
Winil-oi-, ) j in Granville, Ms , 1-4 nt 
Sturbndire, ,l!ss. No, B9B\, by iwo la- 
dies in Lulidd — MoBl ol ihe above *>i;h 
the 5 prtxea of $SdO and 5 pri/.- of 100 
Tickets each, were ownejJ where Ihey 
did go ■/.— AUlm' none of the above [irl- 
xea are yet duo, Mtorc than <"if tuJf are 
already paid, oftd Ihe CASH will bo ad- 
vamied fur nm., unpaid on demuiid. 

any demands, will please 
for settle Mont. 


rr irlicli 

1. 11-11. 13 

N K, A II orders srill be attended to WtHl 
piincluatitj Audits) 2. to 

take Notice. 

l A. •'!' 'hnsi v "■■ are ind. bh d 

' r\ subs, rihe r, i hei bi book ot. an 

rjequRMcd to call and wit|« the ume with- 

"ni iiii-tii.T iiuticiv— All Hi *" nli 

[>n ■■■■i.i ihi m 

JOHN Otiriinvi.v.M. 
August .'■ :,i 

GooowTRTS bofiS 

Have just tec ived and ■ tfer f i 

sale a new supply of 

Military guns, 

which thev will warrant 10 be oi 
the best qualiiy 
Harifo ... ■■ mi • 11 

being by the iiW.t «urt 

lot 'I 

No. IV, 

(nit !?l MtllEOK M Hit II COtTTAUtSI, 

1 oh 5000 Dollars, 
10 of tooo Dollars, 
50 of 100 l>cllars, 

and numerous other good Prizes.) arc oow 
seUtog ..u.hUy at $& each, at 


Truly For/uruUr Lottery- Office. 

Where sib dame fortune, who wiih libtrd] 

P. mi Iter rich troasurt f-»m her Ikvoritc 

■ land 
Ha rtford, AdgOEl -* 70 

Full s.\Lf] 

IN the pattsbef W hiTOnbury, one hundred 
andihirtj aerogel 1.1,1,1, with 1 Dwel- 
Ihig-flouse a nd Bnrn,9ta ^jjoc Ibereoq Sev- 
an J -' Il llfmjlw tltMklM r H ,,,,, j, t 

the city of H.i Herd. — r'o(^Riln-r purlieu- 
Urs, apply un tilt pr.vni-.iJpT-' 


>Viiidior Aiijj. d,*3i:. 71} 


Inci bl Bim !-i- 
11 '- I., r ■ ■ , 
lie ■■! ifm ,., ,'. 
of TH'M is g : 
Bill d, di • 1 


1 17, appohited . , 

c Kami n* md ndju 1 

ilors tn ih" ■ b i. 

1 1 ^lauofBukln 
; stilled I'l-'-l.-ni, I -j\ i. || 9 rr. 

, v -- 1 'i ,■■ ui in ■•-' I- ', ■ ■ , ■■ ■ 1 

! creditors la exhibit tfo 11 1 1 imi 11 ■ • •• 

lier« Fjij -, >■ ■■ tl .. wg sh II .:■■,' ■ ,1- 

'""' top ii ■■'■" it at th 

Ens ol Ihi uVi !■■■ A in- fir ( W 11- 

d ) .1 l l'i .ui,. 1 . ,.,■! tlie !:i«f >fom!m iu 
January uoxt, at t o'clock f*. M oneavli i 

• 1 1 daj , tl - account) 1 ■ ■ ■■ 

[j ..i', -led will he Icjpdfy debarred. 


1 ■ HJI-'U 
SaJmi a ffottd. 

_H,r:. l ,,in [,,!. iug. i. Til 

THKHalV., ;■.■• !'r,. '..,., ■„.; ,;,, ,;,. 

1 trict Of!,!. i, ,-l, iHowi tj i 
months from llje di <■■ hereof, for the 1 
ton i" the .'-i ..■ of Jcmeithun /■'■ 
.-I 1, i.'hrhl.l, deceased, i>. eshifiit tbrir 
ehims for ■■ nh moot -those n h ■ ,.. [,■, 1 , , 

|ir.ii-n( llnir .in- (S |i,u|i--K ;.0,- ... . ,' t 

rHlhin - mi time ■•■ ill be deb n*n .1 n n ro». ■ 
ry — All persons indebted to said Oal 1 an 
quested to makjs immediate pa\ menl lo 

.i"HN T wt;i,OH. Ato'r. 
, Utehfield^ug, n. 70 

New Wholesale fc* Retail 

DyoSiuff Store. 

;. nit jia tas &c Co. 


THE Ocpp« Smillit, & Bran Fonnd*nn| 
I o-inr •> pRttcfsn i*rri«d on by w »»» 
fcHaaTnoiAiiKir, vill in future be canonic* 
l.j ineSoQjrribl -i who will pay every atten 
I (iontuthi banners, tbey bavs 



'i he 

v; ,/. I) mi , and -'".'II Ponds 
f,. : .",^f,;. wlitltawiih others too nume. 
r .,|, to mention, are partii ularly selected 
f ,„,„ i;„ .; DAmlotliir markets mid are 
,.,, | , n fi to suit the uoiwirfrier.— Truck- 
„,., i ) iii.. Rivi i- paid. . 

25 (oiiS Campeochy logwood and 
Ftartie, , 

14 Ml- nrptrfiue Camwood, raspeu. 
t urns I ii an . uu 
(300 |b [I n< Ii 'I idder 
...go ,1., Blue Vitriol 

Ihs, ivmCOES [price to tut 
320 -> ,|„ purchaser*,) rhs. 

han't mo nil 

, .,,, ' ■ " , fn , .,.„ urin-,,1 „ I lappYl of tonsil nalcnali milauhi «> n"* 1 " 

FFERforaale (at peueineesi a w' iu| BoiLKUB ,i OBO y particular parts™ 
„l assortment of fn*b I'f] lWal j ,, c „, llld 

Also, far Rale. 



.l/JViJ li O /**»!&. 

Copper, i vers and Hatters 


Stoves & Pipes, 

Of rario«*Mcrinlioni,inchafi^S) Cnokine. 
and "FtatibliofllMas Chaicti & bleigh » ellt - 
6btM Inn, Iron v, in, Did K 1 i»i *•« «■ 

.1 IMEK W\Rl>, ..__ 



rnHAT are imlt'l l«rl to (lie ;ab'cnl>a», >i 

J lb« hj SOuk 01 Sole, art i-«mwteil to 

make vai aient. _,„ 




:il Flute No. 1. J caaiw, 
Rtngaldo.Nn. :. 1 'lo- I 

■^ riiiatiinalftVloti t croons, 1 
/ s-paiuuH do. -: do. 

SU c- : 1 -■ k j rt fined Alluoi 

G0 1,!, 1,. cir.n Copperas 


4U0 lbs. * cnligrls 
4.111 do. {fulfils 
1 , .0. irgvl 
1 do. Thrtar 
1 1.1,1. if-.....' I ma* 
3 do. (iron 
1 ,;,.. Oi li.i Tiii 
l do, Vrsenic 
[ v S:J Ammoniac 
,,„, Unwarranted Oil Vitriol 
no bottle! (Willi Eb« stoppere) 
Spirits ofNitre 

1 carboy \(]0i '" "> Dup, ' ;u lbs - 

1 d&. Splrita Sill BO lbs. 
400 do*. Press Paptw No. 1 
.mi: gallsi Sweet Oil 
■ c pair Clothiers' Jacl« 

; Atomlftial, ucd Hem Cwda 
T, .,,,,., H....L-. a aonslAttt 
tli«hlci ■' Biitelica «T id! s'reea 
10 <'i.,ii,i.,-' Screws 
kuj il.-. Clue . 

1 i..t.-.- l.n.'.nl !.n^" 101 H 


C5 IBt*. 

OFFERS Ms Borvfcps 10 anfortuna 
timsoftliB above malady, 

i bid. Qnm Copal 
H do, Sj L'ita Tiirpcntitw 
! ,;., v ■■ 1 lian Rod 
1 do.Vcllow l>»hw 
1 (j, I.-, ■ lifovj Bluck 
1 cash Honaj 
1 1,1,1. r.,- ; ... Oil 
1 ,-.,■,■ H >v'i'-''' 
S hbl*. Salts 

Pol tab 

Pearl asb 

Wiodaot, Trausxjarcnt, 

C A N C K Li 




anil Justified 
bj ih« usuhI biii reas orhiB remedy, H^wircs 
tbem of Ids ability to afford refipf. His rt m- 
odj is Hi.' iame as adminiatcred by die col- 
ubniU'd Dr. /'*<"■ /'''i'""'- oftlio Biart " r 
New-York, in whose licbulf the Legislature 
1.1 ii. .[ Slate pui Bed a special A.ct ; «nd from 

lliai [jC'lilleiTUin, "lio lVUsthediM-nvrvri'. llir 

snbitribfi' originally received his knowledge, 
,.,-! 1 1 mlatnutiatioa of its efficaey, respect- 
I'uHj cfera llii- public tohisccrtiffeates from 
ml ncrsonswba havr» received it> IiencfiWr— 
' No Aibi .->■ to which tie human V>dy i.-aid>- 
1. 1 1, |iHb eh goncrally bafib .1 medical skill, 
pspBciallj in ils ud\|t»'*d Etaec*, and the 
[ires mt ripporranitv rt worth. Bib albcntioii 
ofevL'rj person laboring uodpr itsravnges, 
for in m, affliction is delays more improper,M 
?., fn^,i,Mil\ Attended with with ratal cdnse- 
quer^ p.— 1 1: . . it - c . ; 1 ■' - : resit :nre in 
*..-sl'ii doors gt.nth of the Pieabytcrian 
Minn-It, cciin-Mi'i'i't, over Ujc Auction- 
Room of Mr. Hatch. 
H.irlfovd, June 1 1. tSI4. tff.5 

.d MaHde 



Prussian Bluo 

Vi nmllion 

Caaaia, Clovei, Sic. fee.. 
The above goodn with man) others aufli- 
piontto complete the assortment of Dye- 
Siuff' .uid DniKB ma, lie obi line I uncom- 
monly lew. PhysiefanB and ramilica mnj 
depend upon receiving no mbdicnuM but 

IlartTfltd, Main Street war .the Little 

Bridg", 3 une«T. "''-"■' 

MILLS HE AC H & iv >iN. 

JTfrE unhand a lur^c axsorlmrnt nf 


which !l»-j w^ll warraht 

AL,,— as usual, Bnma I Copp 

Oold 1 Silver W 

lie. All ■ 1 

made in tl»« hi=s1 manner it shorl i»>iiee. 

Thi above arti«l« 1 iTorcdfoi sale on 

accoinmodatiiiji lonns. Those who are in 
nai,t of any arUcles in their line iviM do well 
ii, call. 

May «t 


iS thiporiihof Wtst-Kailfpjd, half a mil 
onlj ,n" lb* PrMbytsriao Mwiimt-hoin- 
DncacrtflitaahnHofexrcrlcnt IjANP. with u 
iwc doTydW»tliugfaov«,SRd a Kood trelt of m 
tsi 1. a. il.» limit-, nn.' tic OrrSar.l if bfailUC 
Appall cat, sotliciir.t to rfiiht itn h'Htdh ofci 
i)m yoatty. USgotbat wiihtan-w,"bf.tb-'reon anrf 
apltntj oftralHj iaA >i an axaeJleot (tat ' fo 
1 I'unoci ni> 1 SboraiBlLer — wmt part o," toi- 
properly is an:!cr at> oi^ooibmnr*. 

Also, Iff.) ncrc 0!" *xf?lltnl laixt on the 'ii;li 
nyopposilatothr-abova, with or,« hall pfi 
n;W tare stanjint thfienn, tb* whole of *hnt 
bovapmparly vill he sold Elisnp, for faith' 

■■*■■■ n in. of the h. ■■'■..'■ 'i on IN 

premii . ETRANSM1TR 

W-.t-llBrlfrtr.lih of I'rbaip.tntS. II 

WhoUsaJe and Jleln'J 


DAN11X HOFKINS has made Rj aat ad- 
difioitBto hiusupply ofDVE-6TUFF8, 
before thoy advanced in price tort Fall, and 
litite their fall thia Spring! which wHl give 
him great advautages in indulging hisdispo- 
?uio,i to sell '|i>,t< aa olieap as any other 
penon i'H'l yet mak« iitl<cu>t profit. He is 
now selling «nil inleTide i" eontiuuK to retail 
In- Dye-Stufls, about as low as they can be 
bmiftht in New -York or Boston, puitieular- 
[j the most impoitEDt ailitlrs, and on 1h? 
must liberal Urme aausvut. He has on hand, 


10 loitu sopei'fine warranted ground 

CmiHonil. Stick Cain wood 

IE do. Nicaragua of mosl rhjisro quality 

7(i " Logwood of atl quaUties mid prices 

-.'ii " Fuatick 

Cr " Alum, much reduced in price since 

lad reason 
in "Copperas do. do. 

3000 llis, Hlue Vitirol 
2000 " best ground Madder 
500 " butgiifls — C01 liiiieal 
300 " Verdh;rise 
100 "Argofond Cream nfTVtar 

Hor.i\— f'ru.le AnnnoiiiaC 
('■■llhrar — Satll'imTS 

Groin Tin — &r. > iiic 
Tu'inerir — O11111 Arabic, t-C. 
' In st Bniigal Hole 
" Spauish do. 
aoiJO lbs. ] " do. hard do. 
N. Orlean funerior 
id Isle of France 
inOO " Oil of Vitriol, wairanlcd 
50 " Aqua ForiU, strong 
•a* " Sjit. Nitre do. 
, p ki '* Muriatic Acid 
'.,\jft d.,/„ lif^t glazed PrcSB Pa^er 
Citrtridg« do. 


Cotton and Wool Curds, a variety 
Tenter Hooka 
10 pail's White's Sheacs umranttdhjjiim, 

ami his machines' for using 
16 press Plates, different sizes 
-to Clothier's BcrcWB,_(irtl quality 
Crunks for fulling, sawiric, or any other 
purpose.", generally on banc, at Canaan pii- 
ceB, r,t , jade to iuiy pattern (by HurL) 
Clothier's Brushes, of all sizes 
? H >" t Oil, per I'M. 01 i.i jugs from one 
quart lo two gallons 

Potashes, per band or retail 

Pcarisshca do. 

Snllnd Oil. 

Bes; Velvet Corks, frr rider 

Nutmegs, Cloves and Si-ices, of nlTkinda 

Su'pcrflne Pruasiaa Blue, per quaniity 

Common do, 

Vermill and ■ -H Paints 

Tin K. y and English Uu)ber 
Poudce ar,d Poilsir Stone 

A \;.ri,-rj' of Tron Morton, fhr family use 
Drugt and tedidnes, as usual, a vwj 
Bne a ulmon 1 jf the JTr»l quotUy.— Physi- 
cians and families mny depend nn lt*jng 
served on the best terms, and in tile most 
. in (nl maun. r. 
April l. tf50 



7Vn RbiU • "--t >•/ "' f Bridp ««rtrf, 


Stills and Worms, 

TI.E\ HhATEh PJtEB, W.%e. 

HOSE, v-lni are in want ofanj ol the a- 
!„,,,. aiiiolcb will And H greatly to their 

1 havt sue I 
j as to qunfily "mi price 

„ll, as lie ii.'euris always W 
I taa is ill bestOEt thenitoib 

124 Dollars and 
160 Acres of Land 


1.1 jl 

1 Btljve ytung nr-n 
; the RIF1.K corps in 
ilry's injured rights, 
iniiiiy liy ajiplying to 

TO all ahl 
who are willing to 
defence of their 
«an have an op] 

ijapt. E. iJOM-tMMAS, lienr iWr little 
Bridge, Hartford ; Lieut. J. BOAHDMAN, 
New-Haven, or Lieut. J. HOB1NSON, 
N e iv- London, t'ou. 'I'hey nil! receive the 
following art iclea .,1 nuiforoi 1 loathiiig-** 

1 C ap, 

1 ? tock, 

a < oattt. 

1 Rifle Frock, 

1 Great ccat, 
4 Shirts, 

2 pr iinen Pantaloons, 
2 pr woollen do. 

1 pr Stockings, 

2 pr. Sock*, 
2 pr. Caters, 
4 pr Short Hoots, and 
j blanket, 

mid will serii-u,:ili-i those able and distin- 
guished commanders Cols, ('lvrh and 



U. S. KiHe corps. 

Hartford, Cofl.June Gill, 1^14. Ci 

N. B. A Drummer, Ftfer, and Buglcinnn 
wanted im.uediatclv. 

.idjuloitl and Inspector f,'i7ier«''s OJJlcr 
ti'dshiwrton. nth Jtinr 10I-V. 
The President has heeo pleased t« is- 

H« fliittars himself from ihe fai^ful exe- 
cution ofhis work that he c«u give general 
saiisraelion to thnse who may favor him jvitB 
Ibelr camoMivb, and be full) assures. Iheni 
that he will use every eflhrl to ateriu- 


Repairing old ."tills & Worms, 

and oilier kinds of Copper "r.d Brass work 
will he strictly attei di rl to. 

1 ■ CaflB and The highest price given fo. 
Old Copper. Brew, Pi wter,iind Lead, 

Ml, Haiti Stephenson waots an stppren- 
lief lo Ihe Copporsmitli business, an active 
young tad of 1 i or 19 y.u-, of age. One 
from ihe country would be preferred. 

City Hartford, Jul, 1st, iaj.4. K f 'tf 



Hits taken a new sfrtitut wucfc nwre con 

tfnir.nt Jar his 

I) V E-S T V FF 

C^ITSTOMEKS, particularly those who 
' wish to transport their gonds by water, 
hut a few rods from the landing place 

wish to transport their go.ids by water, 
iu,,, : . hul 1 few rodafromtne landing place 
at thtf'toTrtof Stnte street, on the snath side, 
in view of the flntirt House, Bank, Staga- 
H6ufle,and Collector's Office; whure all 
the mrtit important husiiwsy is ntpidly cen» 
tering — and where a great vtridij mm nuff 
be had. He Hatters lil.i -.irihiu' those who 
have usually dealt with him eilhtrfor 
ll V &3 T C F F S OR ME'JI- 

C I N E S, 
(ind^ni-e ttlteaip him/fttHy usrd, will contin- 
ue Iheir favours, a: h« assures them he will 
at all times make any mnnfi-i- necessary, to 
give ns gnodteeinj us any will efler, in the 
same line of husuaevs ; being a c*se which 
often occurs, in these time- of fluvtuatioc, 
and hopes no one ivitl be decoyed from his 
Store under a pretence of IkUt ttrms.—He 
lias such a large .-'nek »n bnnd "f articlea 
[iough.tin6eUerfJnt«a,that he knows no one 
can afford an assortment '<» cheap, or of bet- 
ter quality having generally been tested by 
.,!-- principal Dyers within 150 mite- 


sue the following proclamation, of which ; MEU1CAL a?s'ortnient 1* also very corn- 
due notice will he laken. ; ph-ie, and 

Bythe President of tftt United Sfotoc/ PHYSICIANS 4t FAMILIES, 
America, 1 mav depend on bring sewed in the nrnst 

A PROCLAMATION. \faithM manner. 

and Copper Kattles 
ik, Thermo meters, fce 





HSfoi ale, 70 boxes of aMuscntcl Rai- j 

f, .. ol Hi. lir-il quality, by the box or 
single pound, together with the following j 
articles Hhjch he warrants to lie of the lir>t 
., Uty, vib. Madeira, Yidonia, Lisbon, and 
.',: il, ■■•• Wines,— Cognac Brandy, Luiper's 
n, -1 . ,,.iii. ni " Ci'iig-er, table Fish, MolasseB 
1 assia, Behea Tea, Coflee, and irii»(tr 
tira'ntd lamp OIL, which is highly appro- 
1, il ofbj (lie bust judges ia ihii City — Cart, 





U their Store, n</it door North of tit? 
Brick ftfodvtg-floitse, 

HAVE at great expense, executed the 
Manufacture of the above tjlc of 
KOOM PAPERS, in a suponor manner, 
ami ni a variety ofUgnre* ; — obuaiii 
I m.r i.liji lions to too 


\l.trr r< rrin d a ,i< ' vippty of GOODS, 

which they n Ul i'li the lowest Urms, 

— VIZ 
PLATED and Britani Tea Pots, Ces- 
< ii rn ; 3iher and plaUd Spoons; Gold 
Bi'ai 'I, 1 , siher audgilt watch Trim 

niings ; puul and pl:un gidd Bran-lets : 
|,i,[ 7,1 pi . .|r] ear and BnRrr "Rings J 
rkited ('andhiBtiekB ; Ktmes end Forks; 
1 .mi- Ti 1 IVaj > ; Snu Iters and Trays ; 
Pwnktin 1 e ; Razors jii,d Scissors; silver 
riiimbles ; Pocket Bonks ; Purses and 
Thread Cases; silveraud phtcd Epauletta; 
dlktiashes; Sword Enotts j silver Vellum 
Prussian Ei.irfin^ platod Cord, lie. 

<S. il. H au lies pul in 'In- best order pos- 
nible, a. nl warranted to keep time one year, 

H.., ord, ,li. -ad ofFerry-st JulylO. 



id 1 liaij e Boxes, stone mill. Man II 

It ,1 



N J T H A .V S L L Y N, 
RHSFECTFULLT informs the public 

that li. iiiaii.i',.ii 1 sand has consmnt- 

bj "n I land, i'» -..l'',al tlie manufactory Lite- 
l_ improved b j Ai.lyh, Johnson, ii Co. 
■ 1- ,1 ; . V. in- Factories In Sinwhury, on 

Ute (in He Turnpike, Cotton k Wool 

.Vfl&'ini C/trdg, se|i in Cidf St Neota Leath- 
er. Cotton and Wool ilniul Cards. Hat- 
Ins and Clothiers jacks ttc 

CAHDSofthe above description will be 
kept fori de lb ouahthe sc4ison by Messrs, 
P,l NCEil liltAULLV. .M..iu J Street ., pp.,- 
sii. the Couri H,,iis,. Hartford, where all 
vi-. 1, f. :.. n 1,1 at th, Post-Offlce Hart- 
ford, for Cards will be punctually attended 
Sunsbury, March 1^. tfso MXNC^CK, 
Has jttai rtteiiyd and JUr salt, 

*-r\n BbU. ancl half bis lalti- 
/ uu PhiUdi-fphia Sew-York 

pi :'h sarui m sa 
Che r.uiin, when on. Their assortmi nl "' ! 
1 Irgiint and riimir.on Papers, i? very ex- 
I- nsive, .mil are SCHtng at the old | [I - . 

Wholesale custo Eers suppled on tiieir ubu- 
al liberal tenns. 

N. B. Tin- a) ave Papers arc sold by 
Messrs. H. O. BwWfiN Si Co iMiihlli-towii 
and Mr. Oliver Goodwin, Litchiii Id, at 
Factory prices. 

May* '-n 

Boards, Plank,. Shin- 
gles, &c 

Vt'iim: and day, b 

' ' forsalc a la 

r will sell reason a- 
■i 1 •■ 1 chiistanl silp- 
1 ihii -mini), which 

sell .,3 low 89 can 

r,, ihl LOUR, which li 

hie. He ■■ i ■ cl 1 ■ 

]., of thi if-ich tin ; 

I, . r,.. 1 1 n ■"•'] 1"- 1 "i 
bi ' ,ni I i ■ tin 

I ■ ,,b paid (or a few barrel, CIDER 

BH wi'V, If delivered soon. 

Hartford, July B. SjnBy 


40 1 ! -!i Aiueriiaii Duck of an exce I 
leu quultty — for Bali l») 


N. R. Two or three 1 oart vnunp Mm 
acq lain ted with drawing fine Wire, can ilnd 
employ liv applying as above, 

Uartiord, May S. tfj7 

Ni ic Sinnmer Estabtisfanmt, 

on THE Minni.c road, in 2 iiavs i 


To carry BOVen Passengers only 

IEAVESBoKton,Mm daysi KedneadayB 
J and Fridays, »t three o'clock, A. M. 
'I gb Dcdhiun,Mcndon. Pomftct, Ash- 
ford, to Hartford, at « o'clock. I' M. to 
ludRc. Leaves Hartford, Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days, ami Bnturdaya, at three A. M.and ar- ] 
rivus in New York at it o'clock, P, HI. same j 


Leaves New York, Monilays, Wedncs- • 
days, nnd Fridays, at three. o'clock, A. M, 
and arrives atHai'tfordaame days, at nine 
<)'•:■ ck, p. \l. Lkuvcs Hnrtfowl, Tuesdays, 
TlniMiluys, and Saturdays at rs o'clock, A. 
W, and arrives a I Boston same days, at nine 
o'clock, P.M. 

tjciitkni, n and Ladles may travel in Una 

Line of Stages Without the Rreal tneoni en- 
ieuee oiriiinftcrnwded.andBiay dept-nd on 
having oasy and couveniont Caniaacs ; care- 
ful tt acciiini,. dating Drivers, who will j>ny , 
every attention 10 Passengers* bagzagc,'at the 
customary mte and at the risk of the owners. 
Seats taken at Mr. Boyden'sDock sfjnare 
ami al Karl's No. -H. H mover street Boston, 
and at Bennett's Coffee House, and Buok- 
ley't, Hartford ; Build's iiniel and Shure 

H.nis,;, \,:n Haieti.aml No, 1 Courllimil- 
■treel, N.-.v York. 

A*. /(. Extra Carri'ipt* furnished at the 
-Imri. -i notice, and Expresses sent with Ihe 
si spued to any part of ihe United 


Sisiiom Botbxx, Boston, 

PSTBB Tre U Co. do. 

David Wilbur, Moadon, 
A ik n Jacobs, Thompson, 


Dun i'LJi.K, Aslitord, 
r.i.i.../., 1, ',,11 nn., Coventry, 

■lon.% B.Vfch&Co.HartfoV.f, 
Nathan Mck n. Co. New Hnvei 

May Si, 


ve just received 
sjh- a large ipiantity of white pine 
Liuot-n, lioing purchased wholly with cash, 
will 1.1 ;oId on good terms, vi/,. 

200,000 good merchantable 
2j,coo clear, do. 

20,000 1 lai'k, 
50 000 < lapboards, 
2^0 000 ! hingles 

WeBt-PpringfieId,JuI) M,i?.ll. 3mfifl 

"nlw books. 


\WORTC particularly aihpted to youth-; 
,., in j oa au lions ruflections, and a 

prayer for every merniiiR and evening in 
th- week. The sole chjecl «f Bus liltlfl 
iii.i.h is in promote their improvement in 
tntiie anil piety. -Price ! |i cents. 


By H. Sot- rurr. abridged— Price Jft rents, 
'The above bonks ore publishing, and will 
be ready (pr sale in a very fen days. rtctiiKd, 


£ » oh. gill hacks, at the reduced pice of 1 50 


Price 75 cents. 

Chap Rooks, Toy Hooks, School 

ii oks, ftc c.c. 
at Wholesale and retaU, cheap for Cash. 


executed mi th 


1st reasnnable terms. 

W. s. MARSH. 
July 8, 181 1- tflffoow 


. _ Dbh, and haffbhls. mess and Prime 



II.Hllnrd, ,l,ini- '■■ fl WM. 

, -.-Bblii. SunerAuo Pliiludclplila and 
100 New-Yolk FLOUR, junl received 

mid for sal. by 


Hiuiibrd, Fcr.-y st. May U. tfOi 

Wbeheab, information has been reoei- ; _ M; 
vedthata uuniher of iiu!ividual«, who 
have iteserted from the Army of the Uni- 
ted Slates, have become sensible of their 
cft'euces, aod are desirous of reluming It) 
their duly : 

A full pardon ib hereby granted and 
proclaimed to each and all Slicll individu- 
als as shall within three months from the 
dale hereof, surrender themselves to Ihe 
commanding officer of any military post 
within the United Stales or the territories 

lu testimony whereof, I have caused 

the seal of the United Slates to be 

affixed to these presents, and signed 

the same \1iil1 my hand. 

Done at the City a? Washington, the 

sevenfrenlh day of June, A. P\ 

one thousand eight hundred and 

fourteen, and of the independence 
of the Foiled States the thirty- 

By Ihe President. 

Jamhb Momioe, Secretary of State. 

AH officers and soldiers of the army 
are required to continue their exertions 
in detecting and bringing to trial deserters 
from the tinny. 

A premium not execedmg./i/tymj/mrs 
for earth deserter will Ire paid by the 
eotnuiHiiding officer of the post, garrison 
or district to which be may be brought 
and delivered. All officers. and soldiers 
are required to enforce the law againsl 
such citizen or ertieensfiB shall enline or 
procure a soldier to desert. The words 
of tin- law are us follows, vise: 

" B° it funded, eye. That every person 
not subject to Uie rules and article* ol 
war, who shall procure or enlice a soldier 
111 the service of the United Stiites, to 
desert; or who shall purchase fiom any 
soldier, bis arms, uniform clothing, or any 
pert thereof; and every Captain or com- 
manding officer of any ship or vessel, 
who shall enter on beard such ship or ves- 
sel as one oFhia crew, knowing him lo 
have deserted, or Otherwise carry flway 
any such soldier ,er shall refuse to deliver 
erhiia to Ihe orders of his commanding 
officer, shall, upon le^al conviction, he 
fined at the discretion of any court bavins 
i cognisance of the same in any sum n«t 
esceeding three hundred dollars ; and 
be imprisoned nil)- term not exceeding 
one year. 

By order of the H.-cretnrv of War. 
Assistant luspntor '■''• to/. 

Note.— Those printers ofNewa papers 
who publish Ihe' the United Slates 
nre ioiiled 1" L'ive llie said proclainalion 
ami tt.isnidcr three publications, within 
each wtvk for two months. 

JUne 21,181V — 


T»WQ ( 
who 1 


three [oumcyoian Clolluors. 
good wnrl.nicn, call find GOH- 

s-.nii employ and good wagea^-AUo, ope 
F or nvo npprenMi <■.■-, nhonl tfl f m ol B| -■. 
'of regular conduct chii hnti .1 chaitre ii> 

1, urn rln tmdowell, andha well deal) by, 

on application la 


Goshen, July 19. 

The Corrunerciat Mail, 




Will carry but six PaSttngen inside— Fare 
tight mi In pi- r mile. 

LP.AVr.S Boston, 1 uesdays, Thawlays; 
and Saturdays; at 4 o'clock, A, M. and 
arrives at Keif-York its 1 b hours. 

RETURNING Leaves New York, 

Mondays, Wediysdays and Fridays, at 7 
o'clockj A. M. and arrives at Boston in 4G 

sruvna ist it 1 tsnMK^r, 

From Boston to Nl n- 1 brll in hm days. 

Bj way ol Framingkam, Worcester, Stur- 
briti'izr, Si'tJ}i-id Spring* t<> Hartford — Leaves 
Boston, Tuesdays, Thursday* and S.'.tur- 
days, »U o'clock A.M. and Sundays at 
I o'clock! A. .M. and arrives at Hartford 
same evening; — Leaves Hartford, Mondays, 
WednesiViys, and Fridays, at u o/cloclj, A. 
M. nnd arrives in New-York same evening. 

RETURNING Lwivei New-YorS, 

Tuesdays, Thursdays h«d Saturdays, at 3 
o'clock," A. M, and arrives st Hartford same 
evening. Leaves Hartfnrd for Boston, Mon- 
days, VVedncsdaya and Fridays, al So'cloek 
A. M. aod Sundays, st 4 o'ekek, A. M. and 
arrives in Boston same evening. 

The public may depend on ersy and 
convenient Carriages; careful and nccoai- 
nfodatiiig drivers, who Hill pay every at- 
teiiiion 10 Passengers, 

Fourteen lb* baggage, grain; ton lbs. e- 
qual tn a Passenger. The proprietors will 
not hold themselves aceoimtabla for any 
baggage lost, unless rcrcited for. 

bo,.k- kepi at Simeon Bat/den's Dock- 
- ■|,iuiu at Enrl'n Roslnri CoOoe-Uoute, 
P10, l ji, Uannover-atri ct ; at Bemitlfs 
COflec-HouBe.and at Mr BtuUetfj, Hert- 
ford; at BnKer's Coffee-House, in Neft- 
Havi n, and ut .',#* 1, Courlland-sirevit, 

Rbubin Staas, Worcester, 
Simkoh Daavxa, Brookfioid, 
Thomas Oi.Ovkh, tVilniahuiu, 
Trbmaw Swi • -■ Snilield, 
Bi/ht U. Mekricc, Shirbridge, 
Levi Raaints, • ■ do. 

' ■),- BaBCOCXKCo H.ntford, 
N 1 .. m li:- 1. .-i Co. New Haven, 
N.B. Extra Onrringes rumialied at lie 
shortest notice, and ai:press&s sect 10 my 

pact of Ihe t'.Sliii'. 
Hayai. «■_ 

5000 DOLLARS highest I rize, 

FOR sale by T. HATCH ultlis LatWrj- 
Oftice, ten rods south of llie Brick Mcef- 


Washington hkhwe lotte* 

RYyNo. It'. 
Tbe drawing approaches— only so .lays 
and tin wheels will be put in motion, heavy 
laden with forlnnea bounty, not nith the 
iwoducoofthe smith, or clogged with the 
li'ilil-n ofllic war ; lint i\i,h.,n.-U rich. Pri- 

n-s which may cxI hi pofd and silver 

rromthevnuitsilf the North or the Suvtb, ur 
Uic beaiitiful hilh «fihe Pha-nlv 
Hiirtford. July tO. (618 

T, KATQH has for inle.laiv for cash, 

or appro* el credit, I V I -:.... 1 l 1 ( ' 1 1 A i - ;i 

iii u I order.— Also, IS lihK Salts, l ca 

RIsgneaia, containing 100 wL unjcb, boxes